4 of the Best Tips for Taking out Student Loans

The following post is a guest blog post from one of our good friends, Taylor, and he offers a unique perspective about student loans and will provide some great tips about taking out student loans!   We don’t traditionally have these, but we always enjoy reading a different perspective and other avenues to take to become Financially Free!  Please see the post below and we thought it could be for something of consideration:

Student loans are unavoidable now that the college fees are skyrocketing and with students wanting to get in the top-ranked colleges. However, when students take loans, it does not end there because then there is the matter of loan repayments. If you take out loans wisely and with some tips in mind, you may be able to manage them after graduation. Please see the following article for more information about student loans.

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My Older Brother, His Finances, My Help, A Dream

I love my older brother.  I would do anything in the world for him.  I think, care and worry about him all of the time.  No, nothing is wrong, at all.  It’s not that kind of worry, so readers, please don’t, “worry”.  I always think about how great of a person he is and the potential taking on life, in full force, as he has just as much energy as I do.  The one HUGE area he has potential in, is guess what?  His finances.  He’s not completely awful with money, but it’s moreso that he has so much potential to be that much better with money.  When it comes to family, finances is an area that you would kill to make sure that they are taking advantage of every single opportunity that they have.  I want him to be right there with me, if possible, or even have his finances in better order than mine!  That’s what we do as family.  However, it wasn’t looking like that was going to happen and after years of working with, talking to and showing him what can happen, he did one thing.  He finally said, “Lanny, please help me be better”.  That has been the best statement I heard from him all year.   Continue reading

A Huge Adjustment to our Student Loans Payment Plan

Debt has been on my mind a lot recently.  Even more so now that we own a house and I am watching a monthly mortgage payment fly away at the beginning of every month.   I became so frustrated with the monthly outflows, that I finally vented and challenged myself to start paying down debt as soon as possible.  While I had already established my plan to pay down our student debt in 6 quarters at the time of the frustration, I knew that I wanted to continue to pay down our private student loans as fast as possible.  But of course, things change over time and our situation has changed FOR THE BETTER!  It is now time to take a hard look at our student loans pay down plan and make a few adjustments based on our changing situation.

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A Call to Action: It is Time to Pay Off My Debt!

Lanny and I are constantly writing about our pursuit of financial freedom.  We invest every dollar and spend every extra minute we can side-hustling to allow us to break the shackles of the 9-5 (or in our case 7 – 6) jobs to pursue our dreams and focus on what makes us happiest in life.  The dividend and side hustle income will allow us to cover our regular living expenses, take the pressures of working to cover these expenses, and unlock those shackles that are holding us back.  That’s how you take back the control of your life.   Today, I’m going to take a deep dive into one of the largest areas of my personal balance sheet.  No, I’m not focusing on the assets for once.  Rather, I am going to pull back the layers of our debt and discuss my plan for reducing my outstanding obligations taking back control of my personal balance sheet.

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Bert’s Final 2016 Goals Review

Final dividend income totals have been tallied.  Final purchases were made (or not made).  Now that the ball dropped and the calendar turned, the book on 2016 is finally closed.  A few weeks ago, I published my 2017 investing and life goals so I can hit the ground running in 2017.  However, I can’t ignore the fact that I had 2016 goals to complete.  I performed quarterly updates to monitor my progress; so for one final time, I will publish my 2016 goals review.  Let’s see if I was able to meet my goals in 2016!

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Bert’s 2017 Goals

With 2016 coming to a close and New Years rapidly approaching, we are running out of time to publish our 2017 goals so that we can hit the ground running on January 1st and sprint towards the finish line.  If you haven’t noticed, the two of us have spent a lot of time thinking about taking the right approach to the goal setting process.  We are not aiming to cross a low bar here on this website.  Instead, we have taken months to find purpose driven goals that are challenging and are going to push us.  Will it be comfortable achieving all of these goals…no!  But is that really the point of the goal setting process?  We want to sweat, we want to force ourselves to scrape every dollar together….we want to feel the burn.  Man, I’m starting to sound like Lanny here.  After a month of brainstorming, number crunching, and debates, here they are, my five 2017 goals!

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Is This Stock Market Begging Me to Pay Down My Student Loans?

Each day I watch the stock market in awe.  At 4 PM EST, I read a headline like “Stock Market Sets New Record” and when I log online in the morning I am reading an article about how the market is up in the pre-market once again.   By the end of the day, it is like de ja vu and I start the process all over again.  This market makes finding stocks the meet our stock screener difficult, how could it not?  Well, I have been thinking a lot about where I want to allocate my capital recently and what I want my next move to be.   After doing some research on various blogs, including some articles written by my fellow Diplomat, I find myself considering the option that the title of the article outlines.  Is now the time to accelerate the payments on my student loans?

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