Lanny’s Final 2017 Goals Update

Wow… another year, down.  I know it’s cliche and that every day is just that, a day.  Whether it’s 365 of them or 450, but at least the calendar is there to check progress towards your goals.  I set goals last year in January, to blaze trails and do more what I’m passionate about.  12 months, 365 days, 8,760 hours (and you get the drift) have passed and it is that peaceful time to check in on the full check on my 2017 goals.  Time to dive right in.

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Lanny’s Q3 2017 Goals Update

Three quarters are officially in the books!  What does that mean for dividend investors and those pursuing financial independence?  This represents a great opportunity to review your goals and progress that has been made.  The year has come and gone in the blink of an eye, and with only three months remaining, we better make every minute count!  Through this point in the year, I will be able to identify if I will or will not achieve my goals, for the most part.  This also provides one last chance to change or alter my actions, in order to achieve the goals I set almost one year ago.

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How Traveling for Work Led to an Unexpected Housing Expense

I feel like I am just stuck in a rut right now.   A lot of exciting things are going on at the moment, and I know that I should be enjoying them.  We finally closed on our house and the title is in our name.  The thought of home-ownership was at one point a dream and now it is a reality.   Now the projects begin.  We have an apartment to pack, wallpaper to tear down, walls to pain, hardwood floors to re-finish, and other projects that will emerge at the blink of an eye.   This should be fun; this should be exciting.  But something feels off right now as I write this article from my hotel room.  After sitting at the same looking desk that I have sat at so many times at every Hampton Inn in “you name it” city, it finally it me.  The reason I am feeling off right now is not because of the volume of work that has to be done on my house, but rather, the fact that I will be traveling a lot for work over the next few months  is having negative impact on my ability to complete these projects and even worse, my savings account.

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Just Go For It

As I was sitting at work over the last few weeks, days and hours – I couldn’t help but have a different perspective of defining the purpose of why I am there and what I can do to maximize the 24 hours in a day.  4 words came to mind – Just Go For It.  When it comes to blogging and building our Dividend Diplomat Brand, the same topic of Just Go For It, comes to mind.  Then, when I went on a run and deep in a workout the other day, low and behold – Just Go For It, again, popped in my head.  Run hard and run fast, keep going.  When I am talking to my sister on helping her figure out her career and interviews – Just Go For It, all day.  We are spending time together, to show her guidance on how to prepare, question & answer scenarios, amidst other things, tackling it with everything we have.  Why not, right?  With investing, saving and experiencing life – we have to “Just Go For It” in each and every way, within each and every day.  Why the heck not?  Find out more with what I’m talking about, what it means and what can happen if you do.

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Lanny’s Q1 2017 Goals Update

Spring time is in the air and  Easter has now been celebrated.  Busy season is over, the snow is melted and the NBA playoffs have started.  Baseball season is underway and the Cleveland Browns still have no idea what’s going on.  I set my goals earlier on and it’s time to check back in after a rough few months to see how I am doing.  Time to check in after 90 days of the pursuit of 2017’s goals, which is hopefully propelling and pushing 2018 soon-to-be goals to new levels.   Continue reading

Lanny’s Final 2016 Goals Update

BOOM!  2016 is officially closed, the I’s have been dotted and the T’s are now crossed.  There has been a lot of progress, set backs and steps taken forward in order to achieve goals, have a balanced life and new experiences.  I set lofty goals back in December of 2015 for my 2016 year and with the year turning a page to 2017, this means it is now time to reflect on achieving or not hitting the goals established for the year.  Let’s see how I was able to perform.

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Lanny’s 2017 Goals

Here we go again!  Another rendition of establishing my goals for the upcoming year.  As we remember, I cannot wait for the upcoming year of 2017.  This has been a whirlwind of 365 days and very happy to close the books on the year.  I am ready, today, now, this moment to take more control and to leap forward into the challenges that await, as well as the growth that I know these next 365 days will contain.  goals Continue reading