Just Go For It

As I was sitting at work over the last few weeks, days and hours – I couldn’t help but have a different perspective of defining the purpose of why I am there and what I can do to maximize the 24 hours in a day.  4 words came to mind – Just Go For It.  When it comes to blogging and building our Dividend Diplomat Brand, the same topic of Just Go For It, comes to mind.  Then, when I went on a run and deep in a workout the other day, low and behold – Just Go For It, again, popped in my head.  Run hard and run fast, keep going.  When I am talking to my sister on helping her figure out her career and interviews – Just Go For It, all day.  We are spending time together, to show her guidance on how to prepare, question & answer scenarios, amidst other things, tackling it with everything we have.  Why not, right?  With investing, saving and experiencing life – we have to “Just Go For It” in each and every way, within each and every day.  Why the heck not?  Find out more with what I’m talking about, what it means and what can happen if you do.

Just Go For It

I will go through examples below of how to Just Go For It, how & why I am doing it – and more importantly – why you should.  Do you guys think I am too intense and passionate about these topics? haha.  I know I probably sound like a broken record, on 6 cups of coffee or am just going to tip over with energy – but I am dead serious about it.  I realized – we should attack everything in life with heart & passion, doing what’s right and doing what makes each other happy.  Enough of the coffee talk, onto the topics.

1.) Investing – Just go for it.  If you find yourself contemplating a stock, but you have performed your due diligence it fits your metrics, like the Dividend Diplomat Stock Screener, what are you waiting for?  Cold feet?  Just go for it and make the purchase, as your future self will be happy for you that you did.  Additionally and luckily – you can even write about it to a dividend investing/frugality community – so that they can see and maybe even benefit from what you purchase and can potentially show someone else something that they weren’t able to see.  I’m cruising on my way almost to $9,000 in projected dividend income and am almost sitting here looking at my portfolio setting sail to an upcoming benchmark of a $300,000 portfolio.  What the heck and how did this happen?  I decided to just go for it.  I wanted to save every dollar that I could to make each one count.  I wanted to maximize wealth with research, yes – even during lunch, to make every hour count.  Why not?  Don’t worry, I am still getting the full-breadth of life – with family friends, Cleveland Cavaliers (FINALS BABY), traveling; but am making sure that this gets taken care of – if this is taken care of, then I will be able to take care of other things in my life.  When it comes to the investing portfolio – taking care of this now, will take care of many things later.  That, I cannot wait.  Being able to Just Go For It has helped my portfolio blossom into something I could have never imagined and I know, soon, I’ll have 4 digits, on average, coming to the mailbox every month by going for it.

2.) Dividend Diplomats Brand – Yep, you have read that right.  We are going for it here, Bert & I, because why the heck not?  Though we are not able to work on the blog at all times together, in fact that is a rarity, but we are doing everything we can to push our image & what we stand for even further.  Why wouldn’t we want to do that?  We are both die hard passionate dividend investors and want to reach financial freedom so gosh damn bad, it isn’t even funny.  From finding the right mortgage, with my housing costs increasing or paying off my auto loan – unlocking new cash flow – this is what we are all about!  We love our twitter community, and what is wild – we are currently closing in on over 7,000 followers, fricken love it.  We don’t know the full potential or even the full benefits of our brand – but we are going for it, we are just going for it because it’s fun, it’s exciting and we are seeing what we do “blossom”.  In fact, we even purchased our first investment under our LLC from the income we have been earning from our brand.  Making moves and there is no stopping us now.  By just going for it – has allowed our brand to explode, we are having the time of our life and I feel like we are making a difference.  Also – it’s hilarious for these entities to start seeing the Dividend Diplomats LLC owns shares or other assets… haha, causing each of us to be a step closer to financial freedom!

3.) Fitness/Personal Health – I was asked to play basketball late on a Friday night for an early 7 a.m. Saturday morning run.  Without even hesitating, I texted back – count me in.  My workout was going to get taken care of in the early parts of the day, really setting the weekend off right.  Additionally, I love basketball and am always curious to see if I “still got it” as I’m almost 30 and somehow can still dunk.  I just went for it and guess what – I loved it, was a phenomenal workout and yes, I can still jump haha.  This is what I’ve been trying to incorporate when it comes to working out, to ensure I stay motivated and stay in top shape, as it relates to health.  By just going for it on my workouts – I am pushing harder, trying to be faster and making sure I make it a priority in my day.  Why do I do it?  I feel better, I have more energy, I can do more things (i.e. spend more time without getting tired on working on the blog or other projects) and even partake in potential future kids sports haha.

4.) Life experiences.  Just go for it.  My girlfriend and I are currently on a road trip from… Cleveland to Charlotte to Charleston to Hilton Head to Savannah.  Why the hell not?  My good friends were going to be in Miami, Florida, as well during that stretch and we HEAVILY debated on going down there (they were celebrating a pro-longed honeymoon, so didn’t want to interrupt that haha); but we were lucky to take this time off to hit the spots that we are checking out.  We have a ton of points from traveling for work, that our expenses will be reduced quite a bit, and really boils down to gas, food and hopefully not too many other things… haha.  Any suggestions, now that this is the topic?   Bottomline – we went for it, are just going to explore, experience life and sort of just putting ourselves out there and seeing things we have never seen.  Why are we doing it?  Sometimes you have to be a bit spontaneous to have life really place things in your life, and sometimes you just have to wake up and drive…

Just go for it conclusion

What I am trying to say, boils down to one line.  Just go for it, in everything that you do in your life that makes you happy and is the right thing to do, you have nothing left to lose with only one life to live!  I want everyone to achieve their utmost happiness, have the most time and be able to look back to say they’ve helped many people and wouldn’t change a single minute.

I know at times it may be hard to, “Just go for it”, but write down what makes you happy.  Are you currently doing those things?  If not – why not?  Are you able to shift your time/energy/focus from something that doesn’t make you happy to something that does?  Are you able to work your A$$ off to make that happen?  I know I’m big on fighting for everything, but we shall not let our foot off the pedal.  So many things will come your way and in the end, “it’s just life!”  We need to make the most of it while we are here.  I hope that by doing this and having this mindset – you’ll have no more “what-ifs” or you won’t wonder if you pushed “just a little bit further” at work or on your project, blog or product.  LET’S GO BABY!!  So stop reading this article, get up and JUST GO FOR IT!


35 thoughts on “Just Go For It

    • Income Surfer –

      Couldn’t agree more that the goals are VERY similar; and what makes hte life interesting is the path people take on getting there – funny that so many can have the same goals, but that paths could very rarely be the same. Pumped to tackle it all, LETS GO!


  1. Couldn’t agree more Lanny. I have found myself getting greedy at time in the market when a stock meets all my criteria but is trending downwards so I say ah let me wait just one more dollar or one more percent and it never comes (I know terrible market timing haha). It is all about the long game, both in investing and personal life. Enjoy the travels bud.

    • Stefan –

      Man! That feeling occurs too much, instead owning the shares outright if it fits YOUR metrics probably will pay even more “dividends” in the long run. I have so many bruises from kicking my own ass, trust me. Pumped your grinding hard for each dollar, by the way, you’re owning the year 2017.


  2. I completely agree. A few years ago, I was on vacation and contemplated what I wanted to do with my life. At times we get complacent and afraid to try things because of it’s new or we don’t have all the answers. At times we tend to analyze things over and over without taking action. I think it’s sound advice to just do it. That’s not to say one should recklessly get into things, but there comes a point when you have to just do it! Great advice.

    • DP –

      Exactly, if it’s something you are debating, then I’m sure it was worth your thought. Instead of talking yourself out, you should just turn the mind off sometimes from the emotional standpoint to make that decision and the returns will be great – such as memories, strong performers on investments, etc. Pumped that you guys liked the article!


  3. That’s how I live my life. Even when something new comes up. I am always learning and doing new things. Just keep on going never stopping. Great motivational post!!

    • FV –

      Loving it. Exactly, when something new comes up and you are tossed into doing it/involved with that “new” item – shake the closed mind and open it up and take in everything that you can in that experience or moments. It’s interesting what could end up happening, almost always. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the post, always.


  4. Ah Lanny, nice inspirational talk there, mate! 🙂 Whats more interesting Ive checked all 4 dots that you mentioned here – dividend investing, blogging, workout and travel 🙂 We do all thouse thing as well. I would add a 5 just do it and its on our #1 goal for y2017. What do you think about that 5th lets do it? And im talking about family 😉

    Ou and ill just do it – jump with a parashut in 2 week. Scared of hight by the way. Have no idea how I will manage that 😀

    • PJ2035 –

      WAHOA – now that’s what I’m talking – good luck with the parachuting – making the most out of life and conquering fears – “LEGGGO!”

      Also – pumped that you’ve checked these dots. We are here traveling and literally, even with all of the walking just did a 12 minute interval sprint run, and 12 sets of weights on the bis/tris/back with some core – why the heck not? That way – when we eat some “not so healthy” food while traveling, it doesn’t hurt too bad on the waist haha.

      And yes, family, family is going to be key going forward and I may need a whole separate article about going OVER 100% on that aspect. Critical and great add PJ2035, thank you again for that.


      PS – good luck jumping in 2 weeks!

    • BHL –

      Thanks and honestly, the readers are helping us stay on a roll – we love the community and writing for everyone. We hope that this can serve as great inspiration, as well as solid analysis on stocks and approaches to investing, as well as living a frugal life. Want to help people push themselves further at the end of it all!


  5. Hey when are you rolling through savannah? I’m from here and be happy to show you around. Send me dm on twitter @bjrobins123 or email.

    • Bryan –

      Arrived but we have quite the list of things going on here! Leaving tomorrow morning back to the CLE around 7/730 AM (to make it back for the Finals game). Great town, lot of history, legs are DONE. Next time?


  6. Very inspiring. Just ran across your blog and I share the love for dividend investing. Building up our income stream as well here! We are also looking forward to getting some traveling done this summer. Best of luck to you guys!

    • MDS –

      Thanks for coming by the blog, first off. Secondly – appreciate you reading the article – pumped you’ll also be doing some ‘journeying” – why the heck not? Keep building that income stream as efficient & effective as you can. You got this – JUST GO FOR IT.


  7. Yeah! This is the life! Watching my dividends come in, long bike rides across the Queensboro bridge with my SO, makin’ freezer meals on a Sunday for the workweek, and having fun building my brand! We are living great lives you guys!!

    • Meow –

      Loving it and yes, yes you are. KEEP DOING MORE OF WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY, being afraid is good and keep going when it’s something new. You never know the results until you do, and even then/when you do – you can’t have a single regret.


  8. Great motivational post Lanny! This is the right mindset to have. We’ve starting to puch more buttons lately as it comes to investing and just love it how it opens up new doors and possibilities.

    • Divnomics –

      Exactly, going hard at everything in our life and focusing on what’s important. We learn more by doing more and why wouldn’t we go 100% (at least) in what we do.


  9. I love it!!! Just go for it has been something I’ve been going after for the past year. I figure the worst that will happen is I fail. Oh well better than sitting on my couch wondering what would happen if I took a chance. It’s worked out really well at work so far, the blog is growing and I have a special surprise on the horizon that I think might be a really fun. So I’m excited about where things are headed 🙂

    • MSM –

      Thank you for the comment! Correct – and failure is at least learning, right? Yes your blog is on fire and I feel like is moving at quite a rapid pace, hopefully the tracks can handle it : )

      We both are very excited, and let’s keep at it!!


    • Grant –

      I’ll have to send a video of me dunking soon, never had anyone record me (I wish I would have done this when I was still in my teens, I had a lot more “pop” to my jump!). Appreciate the comment and talk soon.


  10. Well said. Often we hesitate to invest, start a business, try a new sport because we suffer from analysis paralysis, failure or fear of looking “stupid.” This post definitely hits home for myself and I’m sure others. It’s our one life to live so why not ‘just go for it.’ A very positive and true message for sure.

    • Hut –

      Thank you so much for the comment. Literally was doing an analysis this morning on the road trip and thought – why am I not pulling triggers here? Enough of that going forward. Ready to attack it all! Thanks DH, appreciate it, as always.


  11. I never dabbled with investing because it’s not for me. But affiliate marketing and blogging is something we both have in common and am glad we know each other now. 🙂

  12. Great advice! I’ve been one of those people that have overanalyzed things to the extent of not investing right away and then regretting that in the future.

    On one of the investing podcasts I listen to, the host brought up a story about a young family that got into a serious car crash. The moral of his story was that money is just money. Many of us here are doing our best to save as much as we can and be frugal with everyday life…still great advice! His thoughts were that we don’t know what tomorrow or the next day might bring. We shouldn’t be so focused that we forget to enjoy some of our hard work doing things we enjoy with the people that we love.


  13. You guys have really inspired me to start my own blog (as you can see on my about me page 🙂). I don’t have the ability right now to invest hundreds or thousands at a time, but I am working on it. I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to read about someone on a smaller scale, but then I figured I would just go for it.

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