Lanny’s Q1 2017 Goals Update

Spring time is in the air and  Easter has now been celebrated.  Busy season is over, the snow is melted and the NBA playoffs have started.  Baseball season is underway and the Cleveland Browns still have no idea what’s going on.  I set my goals earlier on and it’s time to check back in after a rough few months to see how I am doing.  Time to check in after 90 days of the pursuit of 2017’s goals, which is hopefully propelling and pushing 2018 soon-to-be goals to new levels.   Continue reading

Lanny’s 2017 Goals

Here we go again!  Another rendition of establishing my goals for the upcoming year.  As we remember, I cannot wait for the upcoming year of 2017.  This has been a whirlwind of 365 days and very happy to close the books on the year.  I am ready, today, now, this moment to take more control and to leap forward into the challenges that await, as well as the growth that I know these next 365 days will contain.  goals Continue reading