Top 10 Ways We Saved Money in Italy

My wife and I just traveled  an incredible journey to Italy.  We visited Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast (including Positano), Capri and Florence.  We did this all in an astounding 9 nights and I documented everything we did, that ended up saving us quite a bit of money (Euro, US $, you can insert your currency here).  As a frugal individual and one that loves to travel and experience the world in a reasonable approach, we learned quite a bit on how to save money and stretch either your travel or living abroad budget further, while still taking in the history and culture.

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Lanny’s 2017 Goals

Here we go again!  Another rendition of establishing my goals for the upcoming year.  As we remember, I cannot wait for the upcoming year of 2017.  This has been a whirlwind of 365 days and very happy to close the books on the year.  I am ready, today, now, this moment to take more control and to leap forward into the challenges that await, as well as the growth that I know these next 365 days will contain.  goals Continue reading