The Diplomats’ July Side Hustle Report

Bring it on..Month 2 of our Dividend Diplomats Side Hustle Report!  In this article, we dive deeper into what side hustles, online sites or other various areas we focus on spending our time in order to bring in, you guessed it… more cash/income.  What is that cash usually used for?  Easy answer again… investing and/or paying off debt.  It’s that simple.  When others are enjoying a binge on Netflix (NFLX), drinking til the sun comes up, the Diplomats are out here trying to get one more dollar ahead, as Every Dollar Counts in this journey and we are going to make it happen.  Come check out how hard we hustled in our July Dividend Diplomat Side Hustle report. Continue reading


Lanny’s Final 2016 Goals Update

BOOM!  2016 is officially closed, the I’s have been dotted and the T’s are now crossed.  There has been a lot of progress, set backs and steps taken forward in order to achieve goals, have a balanced life and new experiences.  I set lofty goals back in December of 2015 for my 2016 year and with the year turning a page to 2017, this means it is now time to reflect on achieving or not hitting the goals established for the year.  Let’s see how I was able to perform.

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Side Hustles at Home

We all want to make money, and it’s even more fun to make money on the side.  Have you ever considered side hustles at home?  Ever look around each room and ask yourself, do I still use, need or know what “that” is even for?  How many of us have old phones, computers, TVs, clothes that are bursting out of the seems of the walls, within the place we live?  This article drives to talk about how create side hustles at home and enjoy the benefits.  Benefits, such as, the way to clear out the clutter and put extra capital in our pockets.

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