4 Strategies to Weather this Pandemic

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We are now in, officially, week 5 of the global Pandemic and our state of Ohio’s shut down.  I have recently wrote about different stocks and industries that are better investment opportunities versus others.  However, there are also many strategies to use to weather this pandemic of the coronavirus that I would encourage and explore. Continue reading

March Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

Where is time going?  3 months have already gone by in 2018 and the year’s madness continues.  January and February were exciting months for investors and as it turns out, March wasn’t much different.  Many great companies were suddenly trading at a discount and the dividend investing community jumped all over the buying opportunities!  Now that the month is over and most of us have published our March dividend income reports, it is time for the next installment in our monthly income from the blogging community series!  We will try to include as many of you as we can, but please don’t take it personally if you were not included this month!  Now, let’s dive right in and see just how well the community performed in March!

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The Diplomats’ March Side Hustle Report

Busy season is finally just about over for the Dividend Diplomats!  Through the insane work weeks and the Cleveland Cold that ensues, do you think we were able to keep the side hustles going?  You better believe we never stop side hustling and trying to earn every extra dollar possible and MAKE EVERY DOLLAR COUNT.  It was a solid month overall, but we are looking forward to April Side Hustlin’ money showers!  Now, let’s see how we did in March! Continue reading

The Diplomats’ February Side Hustle Report

The cold,  dark days of February were upon us.   Freezing cold temperatures, shoveling snow (what felt like every day), and long hours, man it was a “fun” month.   But despite everything, the two of us never side hustling and trying to earn every extra dollar possible and MAKE EVERY DOLLAR COUNT.  You can’t take the hustle out of the Diplomats!   Let’s see how much we were able to earn in our February Side Hustle Report.

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The Diplomats’ January Side Hustle Report

Wow. January went by like a flash.   Since we are both public accountants in the middle of our busy season, you sort of lose track of the hours and even days for that matter as you are glued to excel spreadsheets from dusk to dawn.  But you know what.  Despite the long hours, we still managed to find time for some Side Hustles!   The results weren’t as strong as December, that’s for sure. But as we always like to say, every extra dollar counts and makes a difference (especially in this current red market!).  Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, time to check out our January Side Hustle Report!

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The Diplomats’ December Side Hustle Report

The final month of the 2017 year for the Dividend Diplomat Side Hustle Report!  This marks our 7th post on the topic and all have been very consistent with what we write about.  The two of us haven’t had a nice “Board” meeting, where we strategize upcoming themes and articles for the new year, quite yet.  Yes, these board meetings incorporate lots of coffee and pizza, with endless dividend stock discussion.  Our meetup hasn’t occurred due to both of us going through a heft busy season, where the limited “free” time is usually transferred to sleeping.  However, not to go down a never ending hole about the struggles of busy season, let’s crab a fresh cup of coffee and read our FINAL 2017 Dividend Diplomat side hustle report!

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The Diplomats’ November Side Hustle Report

Another month is in the books and we are closing in on 2018!  What does that mean?  Another 30 days where we were able to earn extra money in order to pursue financial freedom.  Were we able to bounce back in November from the lower October month where we fell just $.03 short of reaching $100??  Given there was a holiday plus some extra time off – it could go either way!  You will simply have to check out the report below.  Always remember, every dollar counts in the pursuit.  Grab that cup of coffee and check out our November Side Hustle Report!

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