5 Reasons Why You Need to Side Hustle

Most of us have our “Main” hustle where we go in for approximately 33% of our day, do what we need to do and “clock out”, then go home.  In this day of uncertainty, passion provoking thoughts, technology advancement, ease of information access and freedom to expand your ability to gain wealth, one should establish the “Side” hustle.  The side hustle helps accomplish many goals in your life, and I want to talk about the 5 reasons why I think everyone should work on their side hustle game!  Why?  Because we all want to be financially free, and have the ability to pursue what we want in our lifetime.

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How I’ve Made Over $750 on Swagbucks!

The side hustle activity is on!  Each day, week and month, I track the income and expenses that are going in and out.  This also includes tracking the extra income that you receive, even from side hustle/free ways to bring in extra income on the side.  One of those fun activities that I add to my day have earned me well over $750.  It all comes down to using the internet in a better way to add value to what is currently needed in your life (saving, invest, etc..).  Find out how I have earned over $750 using a certain site : )  Continue reading


Side Hustles at Home

We all want to make money, and it’s even more fun to make money on the side.  Have you ever considered side hustles at home?  Ever look around each room and ask yourself, do I still use, need or know what “that” is even for?  How many of us have old phones, computers, TVs, clothes that are bursting out of the seems of the walls, within the place we live?  This article drives to talk about how create side hustles at home and enjoy the benefits.  Benefits, such as, the way to clear out the clutter and put extra capital in our pockets.

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