March Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

Where is time going?  3 months have already gone by in 2018 and the year’s madness continues.  January and February were exciting months for investors and as it turns out, March wasn’t much different.  Many great companies were suddenly trading at a discount and the dividend investing community jumped all over the buying opportunities!  Now that the month is over and most of us have published our March dividend income reports, it is time for the next installment in our monthly income from the blogging community series!  We will try to include as many of you as we can, but please don’t take it personally if you were not included this month!  Now, let’s dive right in and see just how well the community performed in March!

Dividend Geek – $182.58 – Totally blew Q1 of 2017 out of the water!  Congrats on the marks and nice job cracking $100 in your first quarter of 2018.  On to big things Geek!

Expat Investor – $1,783 – That is some killer dividend income, coming from all angles and portfolios.  You are on the road to financial freedom, no doubt.

Passive Income Dude – $639.87 –  Mutual funds gave PID quite the push during the quarter, which is why the third quarter of the month is so much fun to track.  When considering PID’s total passive income for the month, which includes rental properties, PID posted an amazing 59% year over year increase.

Passive Canadian Income – $600.64 –  PCI just CRUSHED it in March, crossing the $600 mark and posting a 307% year over year increase.   Now that is how you celebrate your birthday month style!

Captain Dividend – $385.26 – OOO WEEE!  There we go!  I see you over there, receiving that nice Flower Foods (FLO) dividend check.  Congrats, nice spread with some big and fun names in there, that many of us may not have invested in or have analyzed before.

Investing Pursuits – $465.71 – Very nice, a 76% increase from last year isn’t too shabby.  I see that you are loving Enbridge (ENB)!  Keep it up, nice work!

Dividends Down Under – $258.70 – The 119% growth rate looks really nice, right?  Love that you have a timeline and have a 5 year estimation to $1,000.  I think you will get there far sooner, if you keep up with investments and reinvestment.  Congratulations.

More Dividends – $82.97 – It was a record setting month for MD!  Congratulations my friend on the amazing progress and cheers to one of many new personal records.

Dividend Gremlin – $380.58 –  Gremlin had an excellent month and posted a 38% year over year growth rate.  The addition of Bank of Montreal is going to add quite the punch to Gremlin’s income totals and will fuel an even larger growth rate in the coming quarter.

Dividend Income Stocks – $261.40 – DIS posted another consistent dividend month and increase compared to last year and is making some serious moves here.  Keep the hustle going DIS!

Engineering Dividends – $935.53 – Another blogger that set a new personal record.  ED is on the doorstep of joining the four digit monthly dividend club and will easily cross that mark in June.   We can’t wait to see you cross $1,000!

Dividend FIREman – $804.78 – FIREman has another strong month and is continuing to re-shape his portfolio.  Purchasing DUK in the month was a nice choice in the utility sector as prices were down in March.  Keep on adding and crushing it!

Money Maaster – $446.48 –  Jordan finished the quarter off in style and his results continue to impress.  Jordan also managed to finish a classic investing book as well!

Pollies Dividends – $594.20 –  Despite two small set backs from quarterly dividend payers, Pollies really benefited from the strong dividend increases announced by many holdings post tax-reform!

Passive Income Pursuit – $974.49 –  Another blogger set a new personal record and PIP did so while knocking on the doorstep of $1,000.  You’re going to blow through the door in June PIP!

Dividend Quest – $634.98 – You had a few dividends that came in later, but don’t sweat it, as it’ll be received in other periods!  Further, you have 19 entities paying you, which is awesome.  Keep killing it.

Dividend Daze – $148.39 – Another triple digit here.  Nice job Daze, getting us all in a daze here.  Also, a 37% increase is fricken awesome, I’d kill for that type of growth.  Further, with Procter (PG), HCP Inc (HCP), Target (TGT), ConEd (ED), etc.., your dividend entities are rockstars.  Keep this up Daze!

Freedom 35 Blog – $900 – Dang, so solid there.  Talk about strength in a figure there, nice work!

Dividend Guy Blog – $278.51 – Bodda bing and you crushed through the 4 digit lifetime mark!  So awesome.  Congratulations and love your US and Canadian holdings, very strong.

Broke Dividend Investor – $474.73 – Dominion (D) and Unilever (UL) killing it for you this quarter!  That’s some serious dividend.  Congrats on the purchases and the income received.  Making great waves on your path.

Mr. Free @ 33 – $1,454.07 – WHOA!!!  Record for Jason!  Also, I have to mention the pure quantity of players that have paid him.  I think it was 57 payers (Jason feel free to correct me here!)?  Absolutely ridiculous!  Congratulations on the best month ever and keep doing you sir!

Wallet Squirrel – $8.49 – Bringing in those divvies wallet!   Love the article and cartoon you had; also love the other ways that you bring in for extra income and the fact that you deploy that into additional investments is what it’s all about!  Keep it up!

Time in the Market – $1,617.41 – Wow.  Just wow.  Well over $1.6K in dividends is surreal.  Having that sort of income would almost cover 2 months of my living expenses!  Congrats Time, have to love those quarter ends!

Fiscal Voyage – $1,312.09 – Congratulations FV!  I didn’t include your rental income here – but for everyone to read – he had over $2K in income for the month.  So awesome and hitting that cross over point, even if it’s once, has to be a crazy feeling.

Div Hut – $898.23 –  MAN!  So close to the $1K mark!  I love the double digit growth, though, and know that March 2019 – you;l be over $1k, no doubt.  Further, pretty darn good spreads on your divvies.  So many aristocrats, it’s awesome.

My Journey to Millions – $102.77 –  A solid three-digit month here for MJM as there were a lot of moving parts and piece to his portfolio/income summary!

Dividend Vet – $520.92 –  Another blogger set a personal record here this month as Dividend Vet crossed the $500 mark in March.  Awesome, awesome job Vet and that was a great list of companies that paid you a dividend this month!

Dividend Pursuit – $13.92 – DP received a balanced amount of dividends from seven different companies during the month.   Love that dividend from O!

Dividends and Hobbies – $683.04 –  Are you kidding us?  A 96% increase compared to last year.  That’s what we’re talking about!  Nice freaking job.

My Dividend Dynasty – $911.66 – MDD – BOOM!  Those $100+ dividends from SO and IBM were HUGE for our income total this month.  Great stuff our friend!

Money Hungry –  $441.25 – Man – it looks like someone had an appetite for dividends this month (couldn’t resist the terrible joke).   We both own VINIX and that was a strong increase in a short 12 months despite their decreased payout!

Stockles – $302 –  Stockles’ strong month was boosted by a 20% increase in the payout of one the holdings, which added an extra $31 this month.  Man do we love dividend increases!

Passive Income Vortex – $986.60 – Man oh man PIV.  You were so close to crossing into the four-digit club this month.  You’ll easily breeze by $1,000 in June!

Millenial Dividend – $494.40 – This young blogger is just crushing it folks.  An excellent month for MD and that 49% annual growth rate is pretty darn sweet.

Stashing Dutchman – $198.31 – Speaking of great dividend growth rates, SD’s March dividend income increased 105% compared to last year.  Nice job SD!

Dividend Investor! – $697.65 –  First off, the name of this blog is great and right to the point! Love it.  Second, great results thise month and all of those purchases are going to really make a difference next quarter.

Dividend Solutions – $862.39 – The strong results continue to roll in for Dividend Solutions in 2018.  Nice job!

Wealth From Thirty – $191.87 –  Another excellent dividend harvest from WFT.  Can’t believe you missed a personal record by 1 AUD.  You’ll crush it in August and set a new record, we have a good feeling about it.

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $254.85 – Boom, another strong month for you, AFFJ!  16 different payers, and love that we share a few names & are benefiting from BBL’s big dividend come back.  Congrats!

Little Dividends – $70.55 – Nice job and you definitely have one of the highest yielding portfolios out there, and can see that you love the Real Estate/REIT environment.  Good luck!

American Dividend Dream – $243.89 –  ADD is right, time sure flies.  But man, this was a very impressive month and you posted a very strong dividend growth rate.  Gotta love the impact of those purchases and dividend increases!

The Frugal Cottage – 15.81 (Euros) –  The Frugal Cottage’s dividend portfolio is getting ready to ramp up and we love the concept of investing to cover basic monthly expenses.   Keep on investing FC!

Tall Investing – $453 – 26 companies hellped Tall Investing achieve a new personal record in March.  Incredible stuff TI!

Passive Income Mavericks – $1,293.50 –  Another four0figure month for PIM.  You said it best….”Awesome.”

Race 2 Retirement – $1,860.97 –  We wanted to end the post with some heavy hitters, and R2R nearly logged $2,000 in forward income.  You are just cruising on your journey to FI/RE and you’ll hit that 3,000 day mark before you know it.

Tawcan – $1,440.82 –  Like so many other investors in this  article, Tawcan set a new personal record after hauling in an impressive amount of dividends.

Total:  46 Bloggers  produced $28,567 (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation)

Dividend Growth Investors!  Are you serious??  These results are truly inspiring to the two of us and hopefully so many of you out there.  The results are real folks and the results of our hard work are starting to pay-off.  What’s crazy is that we are only 3 months into 2018.  There are still so many months to pound the pavement, work our butts off, side hustle like crazy, and do whatever we can to grow our portfolios/passive income streams.   Remember this….EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS and can make a HUGE difference in our journey towards financial freedom.  So let’s roll up our sleeves and JUST GO FOR IT.  Let’s crush it in Q2!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

57 thoughts on “March Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Every time I read this overview my motivation only grows stronger.

    Here is to an even better Q2 for everybody. And the beauty of DGI is that that’s almost a guarantee!

    Thanks for putting the overview together Diplomats!

    • Tall Investing,

      Of course. We love doing it for the same reasons you do. We are glad you find this as motivating as we do. We are all going to crush it in the second quarter here and keep on pushing ourselves.


    • Dutch Independence,

      It is shocking how many bloggers/stories there are out there. IT is actually quite incredible when you think about it. We are a strong community that continues to grow as the word about financial freedom continues to spread.


  2. Thanks Lanny and Bert for including me in your monthly updates. And thanks for the inspiration! Reading everyone’s progress is really motivating. I’m grateful to be part of such an accomplished group.

  3. Hi,

    I have just started to put together a blog ( for tracking my investing progress. Long story short I have been a long time reader of many blogs related to dividend investing (even had a small blog on my own several years ago, but lost momentum on keeping it updated). I hope to make it to your “dividend income from you the bloggers” in the future months 🙂 . Thanks

    • Hey Steps to FI,

      Welcome to the community! I’m glad that you decided to take the plunge and start a blog for yourself (again haha). If you thought you learned a lot before, wait until you start commenting, interacting, and receiving input/feedback/suggestions for your unique situations. It is a lot of fun and I am much better off as an investor and person because of it. I can’t wait to come by and check out your new website. We will definitely try to include you in future months.


  4. WOW! Everyone is making such great progress. $30k is nothing to joke about.
    Thanks Lanny and Bert for including me. I really enjoy this article every month and I appreciate you guys putting it together. Thanks for sharing!

    • More Dividends,

      Absolutely – keep up the great work and keep on crushing it! I;m glad you enjoy reading this article as much as we enjoy putting it together. The results and hard work by everyone in the community is freaking amazing and impressive. Truly something special!


  5. Great results for everyone. It’s nice to always be breaking records in this post series. I’m sure we’ll see a new record in June too since those dividends will just keep compounding!

    • TITM,

      Agree. I get so pumped up when I read the phrase “New Record” in a bloggers post. Investing is fun, particularly dividend investing, because you will keep on setting new records if you keep pushing forward. Man it is great!


    • Jordan –

      Of course! Pumped that you commented and continue to stop by. This blog and def. this post is for everyone. Big month of dividend increase announcements, as well. We are all doing awesome!


    • Engineering –

      Don’t thank us. Thank you for staying active, doing what you’re doing and contributing to the community. We are all learning and benefiting from the community, along our each respective path. These numbers are getting pretty darn high, though, right?!


  6. Hi Lanny and Bert. How could I get on this list? Im doing quarterly dividend income reports. They should be monthly or anything else? 🙂 Nice sum up. Like when each of DGI blog find its own unique post category 🙂 I know its hard work to gather all of this info. Thank you for that 🙂

  7. Yes all of my dividend income is on quartely basis. January-March, April-June ect. I was thinking about monthly splits but my first month is empty.

  8. Time In the Markets is killing it with the dividends. Keep up the good work! Nowadays it seems like most of the financial blogosphere is either relying on real estate investments or dividends as side money (aside from their day jobs).

  9. Don’t remind me about how fast time is flying by. Almost 1/3 of the year is gone and, like you I’m sure, I’m asking where has it gone? In any case… at least we can count on our dividends rolling in. That’s one positive of time advancing… ever increasing dividend income. Congrats to our entire community. Another successful month.

    • Hut –

      It’s insane. FINALLY the weather has started to warm up, and so are the dividends, haha. I agree, with time, comes more divvies. This should be a busy week of div increases, as well.


  10. Hey DD!

    Thanks for adding us as always! Our divvies seem so low this month compared to our overall income. However, we’re putting that extra money away each month to increase those dividends! Thanks for being our favorite blogger friends!

    • Wallet –

      No problemo Wallet, keep writing and love the layouts that you have.

      I know that you are, it’s awesome, you’re stacking up those divvies. Let’s keep the momentum, we can’t get tired yet!


  11. Hey Bert,

    WOW! – the community crushed it in March! Fantastic results from all of you out there. CONGRATs to all fellow bloggers and Investors!
    April will be an off month for me, but that’s part of the game. I’ll keep grinding!

    TX for including DividendSolutions!


  12. Great post yet again Bert and Lanny, thank you for sharing!

    For me March was my first time being able to do a yoy comparison and it was awesome! A 891.9% increase compared to last year and my third highest dividend received!

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