The Diplomats’ February Side Hustle Report

The cold,  dark days of February were upon us.   Freezing cold temperatures, shoveling snow (what felt like every day), and long hours, man it was a “fun” month.   But despite everything, the two of us never side hustling and trying to earn every extra dollar possible and MAKE EVERY DOLLAR COUNT.  You can’t take the hustle out of the Diplomats!   Let’s see how much we were able to earn in our February Side Hustle Report.

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The Diplomats’ August Side Hustle Report

Our third installment of the Dividend Diplomats’ Side Hustle Report.  Each month, the two of us publish a report showing how much income we made from our various “side hustles.”  We talk all the time about how every dollar counts and can make a lasting impact on our journey towards financial freedom.  Producing these reports helps hold us accountable and motivates us to keep increasing the number.  Nothing excites us more than reading about another blogger that is pushing themselves to the limit, so hopefully our August Side Hustle Report can help us pay that motivation forward.

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3 Ways to Simplify My Finances

Life is short, we all know that.  Over time, small tweaks to financial habits can build up into a bureaucratic nightmare.  That’s what I think happened to me and it caused an unnecessary burden.  At the time of my decision, I’m sure getting that bank bonus was a great idea.  I’m sure opening this new cash back credit card that is slightly different than my hotel points credit card appealed to me for some reason.  There is nothing wrong with adding layers, cards, rewards programs like Swagbucks, etc. and I don’t want that to be the takeaway here.  But for me, it has become too much. I want simplicity and efficiency with my financial habit.  In this article, I identified three pain points in my current finances and propose solutions and action items for each.


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