Bert’s Recent Stock Purchase – Starbucks (SBUX)

The month of June was coming to a close and I was looking for another investment opportunity.  For the second half of the month, I had one of the most publicized companies on my watch list.  The company’s stock price had began to fall.  Having added to my position earlier in the year at a higher price, I was instantly excited for the opportunity to add to this coffee giant.   Here is why I added to my position in Starbucks (SBUX) in June!

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April Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

With 4 months down, there is one trend that the two of us are seeing everywhere.  The dividend growth community is kicking some serious butt this year!  Dividend stocks continue to announce strong dividend increases while the consumer staple stock industry is still offering some great value (as evidenced by the fact we both purchased Pepsi this month).   One of our favorite activities each month is reading blogger’s monthly dividend income summaries.  Why?  We both are extremely motivated by the hustle, hard work, and amazing results exhibited by so many in the dividend growth community.  So each month, we aggregate as many stories as we can into one article so we can share the results with all of you.  Here is the April installment of the Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers series! Continue reading

Bert’s May Dividend Stock Watch List

The market has been beating down consumer staple stocks lately, which shouldn’t exactly be a surprise to my fellow dividend growth investors.  Lanny detailed this trend last month in his infamous “Battle of the Consumer Staple Stocks, ultimately showing how some of the best consumer staple stocks are trading at a nice discount.  The trend has still continued to this day, which is great because I love consumer staple stocks.  This was probably evidenced by the fact that I purchased P&G twice in April!  I’m back on the lookout for another purchase as I have some capital to deploy.  With the introduction I have written, it shouldn’t be a surprise, but my watch list is going to be heavily focused in consumer staples sector.  Let’s check out the four companies on my May Dividend Stock Watch List.

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Expected Dividend Increases in January 2018

After a strong end to 2017 it is time to usher in a new calendar year and a new set of goals.   Whether you are racing to update our investment portfolios one final time in 2017 or too busy smiling as you update your dividend income summary for the amazing December dividend and capital gains distribution you received from your mutual fund holdings, there are a lot of great things to be excited about.  One topic that always brings joy to the two of us…dividend increases.  So each month, we try to summarize the companies that are expected to increase their dividend in the coming month.  We are tracking this statistic like hawks, so we thought we would share our research with all of you.  This isn’t an all-inclusive list, so please share any dividend increases you received last month or are expected to receive in the coming month with us in the comment section.  Now, it is time to dive into the next edition of our monthly series.  Here are the companies that we are expecting dividend increase from in January!

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Dividend Diplomats’ Recent Buy – AT&T (T)

We weren’t kidding with our dividend stock watch lists posted earlier this month, expected dividend increases and even tweeting about how the market is opening up opportunities.  It is always exciting  when dividend aristocrats go on sale and one has capital to deploy.  Due to the frugal lifestyle that Bert & I live, we were able to strike when the stock market took a few steps back.  The end of October & early November has opened up quite a few opportunities in the dividend investing arena and what do Dividend Diplomats do best?  You called it, brother, dividend investing of course!  Let’s dive in to see our recent purchase that we both ended up buying for our respective dividend stock portfolios!

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Bert’s Recent Buy – CVS Health Corp (CVS)

The purchase shouldn’t surprise too many of you.  Often times, Lanny will find a great dividend growth stock on a discount and sell me on the fact that the company is a buy.  Well, this time was definitely one of those instances and I followed his lead in purchasing shares in this dividend growth stock.  Time to see why I purchased shares in CVS Health Corp (CVS).

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Portfolio Update – Introducing Our Family Portfolio

For the last few years, I have reported religiously the happenings of my portfolio and every cent in dividend income I have received.  Looking back, it is insane to see how fast my portfolio has grown in such a short period time and I love seeing similar growth rates in so many other people in the dividend investing community.  Man is it a lot of fun!  But there has been one key piece of the equation I have kept under wraps from all of you…the happening of my wife’s portfolio and the impact it is having on our “Family Dividend Income” and not just mine.  So for the first time on this blog, I would like to discuss my wife’s investment portfolio and briefly discuss how I will begin reporting things differently here on our blog!

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