April Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

With 4 months down, there is one trend that the two of us are seeing everywhere.  The dividend growth community is kicking some serious butt this year!  Dividend stocks continue to announce strong dividend increases while the consumer staple stock industry is still offering some great value (as evidenced by the fact we both purchased Pepsi this month).   One of our favorite activities each month is reading blogger’s monthly dividend income summaries.  Why?  We both are extremely motivated by the hustle, hard work, and amazing results exhibited by so many in the dividend growth community.  So each month, we aggregate as many stories as we can into one article so we can share the results with all of you.  Here is the April installment of the Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers series!

Passive Canadian Income – $351.55 –  PCI kicks off this article with some insane results and progress, posting a 327% year over year increase!  Now that is some sweet stuff PCI.

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $382.35 – WOW.  What a solid month, especially for an “off-month”.  I thought that we killed it, but so far, you guys are all doing well.  You definitely love your Canadian banks, with Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) and TD.  How about showing Canadian Imperial (CM) some love?!

Dividend Quest – $1,001.62 – Uh oh.. the first 4 digit income earner written on the article this month!  Congratulations Quest, you are accomplishing your mission, no doubt.   The dividend cuts you are going to experience aren’t severe.  Curious – you have quite a bit of ROC from your funds, is that part of your objective?

Tall Investing – $301 –  It is not often that you see an investor end the month with a nice, rounded number.  TI’s strong month was catapulted by 6 companies that increased their payouts compared to the prior period.   The beauty of dividend investing!

Dividend Portfolio – $31.47 – The three companies that paid you – Coke (KO), Cisco (CSCO) and Realty Income (O), are some pretty damn good company to be apart of.  Congrats!

Fiscal Voyage – $220.30 – Great dividends right there.  Sadly, not sure who pays you, but seems like you are on the road to freedom, with almost $1k, when including the $700 rental income.  Nice work!

Young Dividend – $1,215.83 –  You can say that Young Dividend’s dividend was smoking this month!  That was a really bad pun attempt considering the fact that YD received over $700 from PM and MO.

Passive Income Pursuit – $304.67 –  The 10% increase from PIP was fueled by the change in timing of dividend payments.  But what’s crazy is that PIP received 5 dividend increases during the month.  That’s how you fuel your future dividend income right there!

DivGro – $879 –  Ferdi’s dividend income grew 112% compared to  last year.  But there was an even more amazing stat in this article.  Ferdi has now received over $50,000 ALL-TIME dividends.   Congratulations on the amazing achievement.

Investing Pursuits – $494.80 – There we go!  A solid 10%+ increase from prior year, not to mention the big increase from a quarter prior to this.  Some amazing growth right here.  Further, i see you love the dividends from the Canadian Banks in Nova Scotia and Canadian Imperial, as well!  Love it.

Captain Dividend – $533.96 – Can we talk about the path to financial freedom?  CD, you are putting up some awesome numbers and crossing $500 in this month is quite the feat.  You have quite a few payers that don’t have an absurd yield, but yet, you must own such a strong amount that the dividend is there!  Sticking to simple… and it’s working!

Passive Income Dude – $63.02 –   Another solid month of dividend income for PID.  It is definitely nice having multiple passive income streams in the event one of them has a bad month.  Sorry about the rough real estate month PID.

Journey to Total Freedom – $1,758.26 –  This is JTF’s first time in this article, and we couldn’t be happier to have stumbled on this income/expense report.  That savings rate of 79% pre-tax is just insane…and after-tax is even better!  That is how you really fuel that journey towards Financial Freedom.

DesiDividend – $264.62 –  14 companies paid Desi a dividend this month, which resulted in a 36% increase compared to last year.  Solid results right there Desi!

Dividends and Hobbies – $420.25 –  This was D&H’s fifth consecutive month cracking $300 in dividends and it looks like there is no looking back now!   Keep these insane annual increases up!

Dutch Independence – 62.81 Euros – All great news around.  DI’s income increase tremendously compared to last year and will continue to do so based on some great stock purchases and dividend increases received.

Dividend Drive – $376.04 –  Driven’s mutual fund and etf heavy investment portfolio produced great results in April.

Mr. Tako Escapes – $1,629 –   Mr Tako’s income was driven primarily from REITs in April.    If you are looking for some great food ideas and other pictures, this is a great post to check out as Mr. Tako had an action packed month!

Div Hut – $639.39 – Man… I tell you what DH, we’ve been watching your portfolio grow for a LONG time and goodness, a 52% increase from last year is insane!  Question is – can you keep it up?  I hope so.

Tawcan – $1,545.42 – Goodness… how do you also keep tearing it up?!  You are a great saver and you invest like crazy, that’s how!  Your steady income stream is growing each and EVERY month, not just in comparisons to prior year!  So awesome.  Love seeing your journey Tawcan!

Engineering Dividends – $515.90 –  14 companies paid ED a dividend this month, the largest of which was an insane payout from RPM International.  ED shows a cool stat, showing that DRIP added $17,57 in additional income this month!  That’s how you keep the momentum rolling ED!

Mr. Robot – 20.70 Euros –  Compared to $11.23 last year, Mr. Robot just CRUSHED it in 2018.   Oh yeah, what’s that, a new personal record??  Congratulations!

Time in the Market –  $107.56 –  TITM’s dividend employee, Steve, continues to get an increase in his figurative hourly wage as TITM’s dividend income continues to grow at a great rate!

Dividend Family Guy – $98.55 – Whoa!  Nice work, almost crossing the $100 milestone is awesome.  Hopefully you reinvested that dividend income from Cardinal Health (CAH), as their stock price has been extremely low as of late!

Mr. Free @ 33 – $776.89 – D A Y U M!  Jason has been killing it in Thailand.  Not only is he living a full life, but his dividends and investing has continued to produce strong results.  Nice job J, keep it up and keep showing us pictures of the food you are eating, each picture looks damn delicious!

Dividend Daze – $48.37 – Real nice, with the likes of Cisco (CSCO), Cincinnati Financial (CINF), Realty Income (O) and Coke (KO) – you cannot go wrong.  Those are some strong dividend players that will continue to produce phenomenal results as a dividend investor.  Keep it up!

Dividend Pursuit – $26.55 –  A very solid, diversified month for Pursuit here.   On top of the increase compared to last month, DP also earned $60 in profit from real estate.

Dividend Solutions – $200.35 –  That was quite the dividend payment from Dailmer this month DS.  We own Hondas and Toyotas, so we didn’t help contribute to the profits/payout.  But you have to love the DRIP  from that dividend.

Wealth from Thirty – $108.88 –  The harvest was strong once again in April and pushed Wealth from Thirty over the $100 mark.  Great results WfT!

The Dividend Guy – 59.77 CAD –  Mike continues to deliver some nice results in his first year of annual dividend reporting.  The table is being set for a strong future here!

Dividend FIREman – $805.19 –  Man, thank goodness FIREman is great at his trade, because he is one FIRE with yet another strong month of dividend income.   Keep the heat going FIREman.

Money Maaster – $505.52 –   There were a lot of great life events/things happening for Maaster that overshadowed his very strong month.  Congrats on crossing over $500 for the month of April.

Little Dividends – $252.53 – Little dividends?  I think these are big dividends!  Nice work kicking butt this month, you totally destroyed last year’s amount!

Passive Income Maverick – $1,121.40 – Another blogger with over 4 digits worth of dividend income.  PIM you really tore the cover off in April.  I hope with DRIP and increases, that my Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) position gets as big as yours!  Congrats!

Dividend Hawk – $6,451.84 – Uhm.  Speechless.  Wow.  Just wow… That Fortum Corporation (FORTUM) stock is looking really nice for you!  Still trying to pick the jaw off the floor.

Total:  34 Bloggers Received $23,072 in Dividends in April (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation)

See what we mean?  Insane dividend growth rates, new records, and a ton of people entering the four-digit club in an off-month.   These results were insane and just the kick in the butt we needed to continue pushing, side-hustling, and doing everything we possibly can to make EVERY DOLLAR COUNT!  So everyone, here is our challenge to you.  Let’s keep the momentum going and continue to build on these results.  It’s time to play the game!  And the reward for winning the game….you guessed it…financial freedom.  Let’s get after it folks.

Lanny and Bert, The Dividend Diplomats


37 thoughts on “April Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

  1. Awesome, I made the list! 🙂

    Thanks for including me guys and congratulations to the entire community for these great results.

    And ofcourse a big thank you towards Bert and Lanny for compiling this list!

    • Robot –

      Of course, of course! We tried to issue this earlier this month, so we binged on as many as we possibly could. Wish we had more time to have more bloggers on here. Let’s keep going!


  2. Thanks for including me again!
    Although seeing everyone’s results IS awesome…my favorite part of these posts is seeing everyone’s year over year or month over month gains.
    The progress everyone is making is astounding!

    • Jordan –

      NO problem! I agree, it’s a great way too, to see what they own, who paid them, when they bought the stock, how long they’ve been investing, etc.. Hope you enjoyed the article!


  3. Some really impressive numbers!

    It would be interesting to see Lanny and Bert manage a hypothetical / model-only portfolio with the $$ proceeds everyone is putting together. Basically take the total amount rounded up each month from the readers and model out “a reader proceeds portfolio”.

    Likely too difficult to “pretend” track, but it crossed my mind after seeing all this progress again! Congrats on everyone’s strong momentum.

  4. Amazing progress everyone, and special thanks to the Diplomats for putting this post together, must take quite a bit of work but it’s an amazing post we all look forward to everyone month!


    • Dutch –

      Everyone is just on a nice path here. I just always have a battle with time, I know Bert & I want to write about everyone’s progress, but also have the post out early. Next month will mark more time for us to make more moves, let’s make it happen. Looking forward to seeing what dividends are earned in May from everyone!


  5. Bert and Lanny, thanks (again) for your excellent monthly report. I always appreciate being included with this group of successful investors. I also find new blogs to follow every month. Keep up the great work, and have a great weekend!

    • FIREMan –

      Of course, no problemo. That is part of the fun – new names/faces that we can start checking out, to see what they are doing, to consider something that we haven’t in the past and ultimately – learn and create bonds. Being in the community this long, it’s really, really welcoming and fun.


  6. And the year rolls on with more and more impressive results from our collective DGI community. Keep it up everyone. This is a true marathon and your future selves will be happy because of your present selves investing decisions.

    • DH,

      I couldn’t agree more. Just taking a moment to reflect on where we are at, what we’ve done, but also the sacrifices on what we need to do, to get to where we want to be. Let’s keep the gas pedal down, as always.


    • Tawcan –

      Thank you and of course, pumped to include you. Hawk had scary stats, to the point where I’m like, “MAN, what am I doing wrong?!!!!!! He is killing it!!”. So awesome.


    • Couldn’t agree more! We love putting this list together because it allows us to interact with so many different bloggers in the community. It is always great adding companies to your blog listing!


  7. Just awesome. It’s great to see the DGI community posting such solid numbers. And, in case you don’t hear this enough, thanks guys for putting this together. I don’t know how you keep up with it month after month.

    • DP –

      Thank you for the comment, as always. I just wish we could time it up right, honestly! SO many bloggers with awesome results, but I know people have wanted the post earlier, it’s a juggling act. We love it, so expect it to keep going DP!!


    • ED –

      Of course, this is what we do and we appreciate you for being active in the community. Each dividend received, is a dividend closer to freedom. Gosh dammit do I want us all to get there.


  8. Thanks for the inclusion. Those are some solid numbers put up by the community for being an off month. Will only get better from here. Keep up the good work everyone! Thanks for sharing the post guys.

  9. Thanks for putting this together, really appreciated. It’s a motivation to see others succeed with dividend growth investing. I just started my own blog to track my performance and to interact with the DGI community. Some articles are out, although the website is still under construction. Hopefully, you guys have some time to visit my blog and give me feedback. I just started and already notice that writing a blog is consistent self-reflection.

    Keep up the good work!

  10. Thanks for putting this together, really appreciated. It’s motivating to see others succeed with the same strategy. I just started my own blog to track my progress and interact with the DGI community. Some articles are out, although the website is still under construction here and there. Hopefully, you guys have some time to visit it once, because I’m dying for feedback. Although I just started, I notice that writing a blog structures your thoughts and is consistent self-reflection.

    Keep up the good work.

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