Bills to Review Annually

Money is a precious resource that buys time, other necessities and freedom.  On a day off from work, I decided to continue the fight for the money that I earn.  I have traded my time to earn funds and it’s time to make each dollar that I am making go further than before.  We have had a few topics on this before, but today I wanted to list out the order of my operations, as I work to make my money go further.  I do have one question.  Are you willing to fight for your money?

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Three Painful Housing Expense Increases

Ah, the house never ends!  I seem to find myself writing quite a bit about the cost of living in a house and the controllable/sometimes not so controllable costs associated with home ownership as well.  After various discussions with people and bills being paid – I’ve decided to write about the surprising increase in housing expense over three areas of living in a house – Insurance, Property Tax & select Utilities!  Come check out the “fun”!

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What Price Would You Pay For Revenge?

The holidays are a great time to share stories with your family.  Have you noticed that the best ones seem to come out of nowhere, when you least expect it?  Well, my mom definitely had me laughing for a while with two hilarious stories about financial revenge from her life and I can’t stop think about how funnier they are.  But they have me thinking…how much money would you pay for sweet revenge?

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5 Easy Ways to Save During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is rapidly approach here! And you know what that means, a lot of gifts and a lot of swiping of your credit cards.  But just because the holiday season is here does not mean that you have to break the bank to enjoy it.  Heck, there are many ways to enjoy the holidays frugally and keep the expenses down as low as possible.  In this article, I wanted to share the five easy ways my wife and family keep our costs down and avoid unnecessary spending without sacrificing the spirit of the season.   Time to check them out!


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Buying Dividend Stocks to Pay Bills

Hey everyone!  Every month, we live in a world that we pay for our expenses on a typical monthly basis.  Most people budget monthly based on their food, shelter, car and other entertainment or daily needs.  You know what I personally love about my bills?  If something else is paying them for me!  One fun way and reason to invest into dividend paying stocks, is to almost view them as a way to build up an asset that pays these bills for you!  What do I mean?  Let’s check it out.

Bills to be paid in monthly periods

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3 Ways to Simplify My Finances

Life is short, we all know that.  Over time, small tweaks to financial habits can build up into a bureaucratic nightmare.  That’s what I think happened to me and it caused an unnecessary burden.  At the time of my decision, I’m sure getting that bank bonus was a great idea.  I’m sure opening this new cash back credit card that is slightly different than my hotel points credit card appealed to me for some reason.  There is nothing wrong with adding layers, cards, rewards programs like Swagbucks, etc. and I don’t want that to be the takeaway here.  But for me, it has become too much. I want simplicity and efficiency with my financial habit.  In this article, I identified three pain points in my current finances and propose solutions and action items for each.


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