Three Painful Housing Expense Increases

Ah, the house never ends!  I seem to find myself writing quite a bit about the cost of living in a house and the controllable/sometimes not so controllable costs associated with home ownership as well.  After various discussions with people and bills being paid – I’ve decided to write about the surprising increase in housing expense over three areas of living in a house – Insurance, Property Tax & select Utilities!  Come check out the “fun”!

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My Monthly House Expenses – Mid-2016 Update

Hello everyone!  I wanted to be able to update one of life’s biggest monthly costs that I am chewing on – and that is – the cost of living in my house each and every month.  Surprisingly it has been over 2 years since I have written about my payments that go out each month, and to show the community whether that has changed for better or for worse, even though I internally review this each and every month.  I find more data and time interesting, as it can really tell how well you manage and how consistent you are able to keep with your management & money.  Without further-ado here is my 2016 update to my housing expenses!

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