Saving $2,000 on one House Project

I thought the title may lure you in.  My hands are beat up and dirty after the work that I did on Sunday, September 17th.  Let’s just say, I can now officially be called an Italian, as mixing and laying concrete was involved.  I’m excited to tell you about how I was able to save over $2,000 on one house project that I ended up doing myself.

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Bert’s August Dividend Income Summary

Where does time continue to go? Seriously, this month was one giant blur.  Finally, my wife and I moved into our new house on the final day in August.  In fact, this is the very first article that I wrote in my new residence!   Life comes at you fast, that is for sure.  With the movers gone, the furniture nearly set, I wanted to take some time to review my August dividend income and see how much our family’s dividend income has grown in the last 12 months.  Let’s check out our August dividend income summary!dividend income

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My Recent Stress & Finding New Ways to Combat It

The last month or so for me has been, oh how do I say it…crazy.  And I’m not going to lie, a lot of the craziness and stress has been self-induced.  Through all of this, I’ve learned that a lot of my typical de-stressing activities were suddenly not doing the trick anymore.  It has slowly trickled through to a lot of different aspects of my life and it sucks.  At times, my typical upbeat self has felt anything but that.  With typical methods not working, I have been searching for other means to de-stress.

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How Traveling for Work Led to an Unexpected Housing Expense

I feel like I am just stuck in a rut right now.   A lot of exciting things are going on at the moment, and I know that I should be enjoying them.  We finally closed on our house and the title is in our name.  The thought of home-ownership was at one point a dream and now it is a reality.   Now the projects begin.  We have an apartment to pack, wallpaper to tear down, walls to pain, hardwood floors to re-finish, and other projects that will emerge at the blink of an eye.   This should be fun; this should be exciting.  But something feels off right now as I write this article from my hotel room.  After sitting at the same looking desk that I have sat at so many times at every Hampton Inn in “you name it” city, it finally it me.  The reason I am feeling off right now is not because of the volume of work that has to be done on my house, but rather, the fact that I will be traveling a lot for work over the next few months  is having negative impact on my ability to complete these projects and even worse, my savings account.

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Bert’s June Dividend Income Summary

Half of 2017 is in the books.  Man oh man does time fly.  I look forward to the first weekend of every month so that I can summarize my dividend income from the previous month.  Summarizing my June dividend income, aka the third month of the quarter, is always a little more exciting since I get to include the dividends received from mutual funds.  Enough talk, let’s take a look at how I performed in June compared to 2016.

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Bert’s 2017 Goals

With 2016 coming to a close and New Years rapidly approaching, we are running out of time to publish our 2017 goals so that we can hit the ground running on January 1st and sprint towards the finish line.  If you haven’t noticed, the two of us have spent a lot of time thinking about taking the right approach to the goal setting process.  We are not aiming to cross a low bar here on this website.  Instead, we have taken months to find purpose driven goals that are challenging and are going to push us.  Will it be comfortable achieving all of these goals…no!  But is that really the point of the goal setting process?  We want to sweat, we want to force ourselves to scrape every dollar together….we want to feel the burn.  Man, I’m starting to sound like Lanny here.  After a month of brainstorming, number crunching, and debates, here they are, my five 2017 goals!

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The 5 Most Important Factors for Us When Buying a House

If you haven’t picked up on this yet, after we stated earlier in the year we were not in a hurry to buy a house, my wife and I are beginning to ramp up the process for buying a house.  Wow is it a complicated, intense, and fast-moving process.   We’ve read articles, listened to countless hours of conversations with family/friends, and co-workers, and fallen asleep too many nights to HGTV in our effort to gather as much information as possible.  Buying a house is such a major life decision and we are going to take our time with the decision.   We are finalizing on our list of things that are the most important to the two of us and it only seemed fitting to whittle our list down to a five.


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