Dividend Increases Expected in July 2020

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Dividend increases are the name of the game. We invest in dividend growth stocks to earn a GROWING dividend income stream. That is why the two of our are constantly monitoring our portfolios, and potential investments, to see which companies will increase their dividend. Every month, we share some dividend news and discuss the major dividend announcements that are expected to come. Read more to see the expected dividend increases in July.

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Lanny’s Dividend Stock Purchase Activity – July 2019

June came and went.  July was hot and heavy.  Truthfully, it wasn’t until the very end of the month where real moves were being made on dividend stocks.  The stock market makes it tough, but no one said this would be easy.  The journey of Financial Freedom is long and takes a lot of grit, capital and patience  One has to know to control those emotions no doubt.  It’s time to read about my dividend stock purchases during the month of July of 2019!

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Lanny’s July Dividend Stock Watch List

It’s hot, no doubt.  The Cleveland Indians are on a roll this month and we are heading into the All Star Break soon.  Further, we went through a drop on our rollercoaster stock market ride and are riding the hill back up in June!  Similar to what they say as you hop in for the ride, you better buckle up!  Though the stock market ride is not controllable, dividends and dividend stock opportunities are there.  It’s time to check out my dividend stock watch list.

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Expected Dividend Increases in June 2018

Another month is in the books in 2018.  It blows my mind that we are almost halfway through 2018.  Each month, I do my best to compile a list of companies that are expected to announce a dividend increase in the coming month.  While I can’t include every company in the article, I do my best to capture as many Dividend Aristocrats and other companies as possible.  Here is the next installment in our monthly series.  It is time to see which companies are expected to announce dividend increases in June!

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Bert’s June Dividend Income Summary

Half of 2017 is in the books.  Man oh man does time fly.  I look forward to the first weekend of every month so that I can summarize my dividend income from the previous month.  Summarizing my June dividend income, aka the third month of the quarter, is always a little more exciting since I get to include the dividends received from mutual funds.  Enough talk, let’s take a look at how I performed in June compared to 2016.

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Expected Dividend Increases in July 2017

After taking a month off from the series in June (unintentionally of course)…I’m back!  Each month, I like to summarize which Dividend Aristocrats are expected to increase their dividend in the coming month.  As die-hard dividend growth investors, the two of us take great joy in closely monitoring and tracking the changes in our dividend income and dividend payments of the companies we own and companies that we are watching closely.  Typically, July is a slower month than June, but there are still some great companies that are expected to reward their shareholders.

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