Lanny’s Final 2017 Goals Update

Wow… another year, down.  I know it’s cliche and that every day is just that, a day.  Whether it’s 365 of them or 450, but at least the calendar is there to check progress towards your goals.  I set goals last year in January, to blaze trails and do more what I’m passionate about.  12 months, 365 days, 8,760 hours (and you get the drift) have passed and it is that peaceful time to check in on the full check on my 2017 goals.  Time to dive right in.

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Dividend Diplomat’s 2016 Blog Goals

Now enter 2016 baby!!!  I know this post is long overdue, but we did not want to rush our 2016 annual goals and get them down on paper.  These goals will be hard for sure, but what is worth having something if you didn’t have to work hard for it?  Almost as if bananas were already peeled and you had to just pick up and eat it… maybe an orange is a better correlation there, but nonetheless, we have extreme goals for our blog.  This will mark the year where we cross our two year Dividend Diplomat anniversary and want to make the year very forward-moving.  We have quite a few new ideas for posts, twists to our current postings, as well as just the overall jokes between the two of us – this will come to you… ALL YEAR… LONG.  Yep, I know you are all excited for us two crazy CPAs trying to find the balance in our pursuit for financial freedom through dividend investing, as well as the bumps, turns, bruises and the occasional bad pasta sauce along the way.  Enough of the shenanigans… on to The Dividend Diplomat 2016 Goals!

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