Is Schlumberger’s Dividend Safe?

Our strategy is to invest in dividend growth stocks.  So much of our emphasis on this website is finding companies that have demonstrated their ability to grow their dividend over time.  If you don’t believe us, check out the three pillars of our infamous Dividend Stock Screener!   But as I continue to monitor and review our portfolio, there is one stock that jumps off the page at me.  That company is Schlumberger (SLB).  No, it isn’t because the company hasn’t increased their dividend in several years.  It is because I am asking myself a much more tragic question after reviewing the numbers closely.  Is Schlumberger’s dividend safe?

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Bert’s April Dividend Income Summary

Here we go, here we go!  It is finally May and you know what that means….PLAYOFF BASKETBALL!  But that’s not what I’m excited about today.  One of my favorite part of turning the calendar is taking a few moments to see how I performed in the previous month.  After all, we are all obsessed with numbers and love charting our progress.  So naturally I LOVE putting together my April dividend income summary.  Let’s see the results!

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Bert’s July Dividend Income Summary

Man, talk about tough acts to follow.  Lanny had one heck month hauling in a crazy $740 in dividend income during this “off” month.   Congrats on the great month Lanny!  With figures like that, I am setting myself up for yet another defeat in July, which makes perfect sense considering his portfolio is nearly triple the size of mine.  However, I have one glimmer of hope this month that can catapult me to fictitious victory over Lanny.  What is it?  I own more shares of Kraft than Lanny.   The question is, will this one-time special dividend be enough to push my dividend income for the month over $740.  Let’s find out!

dividend income

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Crossing $55,000 in Market Value & $2,000 in Dividend Income

As we mentioned in our blog’s one year anniversary post a few days ago, my portfolio has crossed a couple of major milestones recently and I am very excited to finally share them with the community.  Over the couple of months, I have crossed both $55,000 in Market Value and $2,000 in Projected Dividend Income.  I still can’t believe it, as it seems like just yesterday I was crossed $40,000 in market value (last June) and $1,750 in projected dividend income (last August).   Two round, iconic numbers in my eyes. It has been a fun journey between milestones, so lets take a look at how I got there.
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Bert’s Dividend Income Summary – January

One month down, eleven more to go in 2015!  Man does time fly.  January has been quite the active month for me, as I have been slowly (but surely) adding dividend income to my portfolio through a series of small purchases.  While this won’t impact January’s income, I am setting the table for the remaining eleven months of the year.  After having a lot of activity in 2014, I am expecting to start the year off on the right foot and have a solid dividend month.  Let’s dive into the results and see how I performed in January. 

dividend income summary

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