Bert’s April Dividend Income Summary

Here we go, here we go!  It is finally May and you know what that means….PLAYOFF BASKETBALL!  But that’s not what I’m excited about today.  One of my favorite part of turning the calendar is taking a few moments to see how I performed in the previous month.  After all, we are all obsessed with numbers and love charting our progress.  So naturally I LOVE putting together my April dividend income summary.  Let’s see the results!

dividend income

April Dividend Income Summary

This month, I received $175.52  in dividend income, an 18.10% increase compared to last year!  Unlinke March, I received dividends from a limited number of companies during the month.  The chart below provides a detailed summary of the companies that paid me a dividend:

Here is a quick summary and highlights from the month:

  • What’s crazy is that I did not receive a dividend from ANY new companies this month compared to last year.  In fact, I actually received dividends from one less company as DWDP changed the month they received paid their dividend.  Luckily, I’ll benefit from this in June!
  • It took me seeing this in a chart to realize this trend.  Sure I didn’t receive dividends from any new companies this month.  But the last 12 months were all about building up my current positions.  Over the last 12 months, I added to my  position in CAH, CM, and Realty Income (3 times this year in fact).   Adding to a position you own may not always be  the most glamorous investment move.  However, I cannot argue with the results, or the increased dividend payouts for that sake!

april portfolio news and dividend increases

Well, the April summary didn’t have too much activity.  But that doesn’t mean that I wasn’t able to add to my forward dividend income in other manners.   Starting in January, I started including the following two charts in my article to summarize the forward dividend income I was able to add to my portfolio via dividend increases and portfolio additions.  I’ve really enjoyed reporting this to you this month and it serves as excellent motivation to keep on pushing forward.   The first chart summarizes the impact of dividend increases.

As you can see, I was able to add $66 in forward income by dividend increases alone.   Of course, the majority of this was due to KMI’s insane 60% dividend increase.  We all knew this dividend increase was coming since management announced their intent last year.  But it wasn’t official until the company formally announced the increase in April.  I forgot just how many shares my wife and I own.  Thank goodness I was already sitting down when I learned about this massive increase that added $50.71 to my forward income.   And even though the increases weren’t as spectacular, it was nice to receive dividend increases from the three other legendary companies in my portfolio (PG, JNJ, and IBM).

This second chart shows the additional dividend income I received from various purchases, 401k contributions and HSA contributions during the year.    First, I made two separate stock purchases this month. At the beginning of the month, I purchased PG and SBUX on the same day.  And at the end of the month, Lanny and I both added to our PG positions right before the company increased their dividend and their price fell.   I must say, I’m pretty pumped and excited about my new PG position!

But in this chart, it doesn’t only show that I added forward income from dividend stock purchases.  I also received increased dividends from our maximized 401(k) contributions (which my wife and I started doing this year in fact!) and my maximum HSA contribution.   Last month, I reported an issue with my wife’s contributions post job switch.  After battling with Fidelity, we finally settled the issue and they changed the setting in the system to show that she is once again an employee at her employer.  The issue was that she left the company five years earlier and the system did not re-activate once she returned.  A few phone calls later, and a couple of headaches….BOOM the problem was solved.  The contribution to VIIIX  in the table represents her semi-monthly contribution.

Here is what is crazy, this strategy of maximizing our 401(k) plans is really starting to add up and make a difference.  Now that we are buzzing along, we are automatically going to receive over $70 in forward dividend income from these contributions along.   This is going to be a fun, fun year!


I cannot believe the year is 33% over.  Where on earth is time flying.  It seems like forever ago that we were purchasing our first house and I was in over my head taking on home projects.  But those were sure some fun days.   Anyway, as I’ve said every month, I’m excited about the progress I have been making over the year.  The impact is real folks and this side hustling and saving every dollar possible mentality is starting to pay off.  I enter May as inspired as ever and look forward to continuing to add to my portfolio.  In fact, I purchased shares of Pepsi on the first day of the month, so I am ready to roll!

How did you perform this month?  What was your dividend growth rate?  Do you maximize your 401(k) contributions as well?  If so, do you invest in index funds as well?  Are you ready to crush it for the rest of the year too?


39 thoughts on “Bert’s April Dividend Income Summary

  1. Hey Bert. Excellent post. Your writing is terrific, and your enthusiasm is infectious. Makes me want to go out and buy some stock! 😂

    I own PG, JNJ, and PEP. I plan on adding to the PG & JNJ positions this year once we get additional capital. It’s a bit frustrating to see all of these bargains and not be able to capitalize on them. I am like a starving man at a banquet table who can’t reach the food. 🤣

    Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to your next update.

    • Thank you so much FIREman. That’s very kind of you and now I hope you do go out and buy some dividend stock too! Those are some some excellent foundation dividend stocks right there. Don’t worry, as you’ll learn, there are always bargains available. It may just not be the stock you want haha However, with the right screening and searching, you’ll be able to find a great dividend stock when the time calls. That analogy is hilarious by the way. Thanks again for the awesome comment.


    • Tom,

      Lanny and I purchased DEO a long time ago. I’ve honestly probably missed several great opportunities to add to my position. Right now, after quickly looking at the performance and metrics, I don’t plan on adding to it. With that being said, I wouldn’t be opposed in the future if the price is right.


  2. Great results Bert! The amount of forward income based on increases alone is staggering!

    As you know I had a personal record in April with €20,70 in total so pretty darn happy with that.

    Unfortunately here in the Netherlands we don’t have systems like IRA, HSA or 401k. We do have a pension plan which you can select your degree of risk from defensive to aggressive for what they will invest in for your pension.

    Don’t have much hope for that so that’s why I’m taking matters in my own hand with my stocks / savings / frugality and whatnot 🙂

    • Thank you Mr. Robot. I’ll have to thank my friend Mr. Kinder for the help in providing an insane increase in income from dividend increases this month haha I did see your record and I’m very happy for you that you were able to crush another record. That’s a bummer about the investment vehicles. I’m assuming the buckets are pre-selected so you only can choose the risk, not the individual holdings.

      But I love your aggression with making sure your retirement is how you want it. If you want it to be great, than take care of it yourself!! Gotta love the enthusiasm.


  3. Way to go, Bert. 18% YoY growth is awesome.
    That KMI dividend was huge! Even though you knew some sort of raise was coming, you couldn’t have expected 60%, right?
    I’m sure you are looking forward to your recent purchases adding to your upcoming dividend totals. I own both PG and SBUX, so I’m glad to have you as a fellow shareholder. Keep crushing it…

    • Thanks Engineering Dividend! You’re right, I wasn’t expecting 60% at once. More of a phase in each quarter. But I am DEFINITELY not complaining about that haha I’m excited you’re a fellow PG and SBUX shareholder as well. Take care,


    • BHL – That’s very kind of you to say and I love the enthusiasm! Honestly, we’re all legends here and are doing whatever the heck we need to do to reach financial freedom. Let’s keep pushing and keep the hustle alive.


  4. That’s a big boost in forward dividend income thanks to that massive KMI increase. It’s nice to see an 18% y/y bump and that’s with one less position paying dividends. Great growth!

    Also, go Celtics! 🙂

    • TITM,

      Those are som fighting words around these parts, especially with two huge Cavs fans. But that was a heck of a Game 1 for the Celtics and I expect this to be a hard fought, gritty series. I am a huge fan thought of the boost that KMI gave me during the year and like so many other investors, I was happy to finally see the pending dividend increase become official. All I’ve got to say is its about time!


    • PCI,

      Thank you very much PCI. I’ve really enjoyed putting together these charts each month and it has helped encourage me to grow my income each month. There isn’t anything better than putting the results down on paper and getting them right in from of your face.



  5. Bert, I’m glad you got to benefit from the KMI increase along with Lanny. I missed out. I did start a small position in ENB to dip my toes in the energy sector. I also scooped up some PG along with you guys. It’s always fun to do a little shopping in the market. Congrats on a great month!

    • Money Hungry,

      Thank you very much. It is a BLAST doing some shopping in the market place. In fact, it is my favorite kind of shopping 🙂 You’ll love that dividend from PG once it trickles in. Congrats on the big purchase as well.


  6. Great job, I think anyone who maximizes a 401(k) is basically guaranteed to eventually become wealthy. I had to sell some positions in April to buy a condo, but I am collecting those dividends from Realty Income and Johnson & Johnson along with you!

    • Brian,

      If you start early enough, the power of compounding will eventually kick in. I agree, anytime you can get large amounts of capital into your portfolio, you are jump starting your path towards financial freedom. Enjoy those checks you receive from the two legendary companies and also, congrats on the condo purchase. That’s pretty darn exciting if you ask me.


  7. Hey Bert,
    congrats! – your numbers in April are rock solid – 175$ and a yoy increase of 18% for an off month is pretty cool. Again – we play in the same ballpark.
    By the way: i love spring too because baseball season is under way and i’m a die hard RedSox fan. I like basketball too, but i’m no hardcore fan there…good luck for your team.


    • DividendSolutions,

      Thank you very much! I appreciate the kind words. I’m actually a die hard baseball fan as well. I really enjoy basketball, but my true love as always baseball. I’ve lived and breathed Indians baseball all these years. In fact, I still haven’t gotten over the fact that the Indians blew a 3-1 lead to the Red Sox in 2007. I swear they would have won the world series if they could have closed the series out. But hey, its all in the past now.

      Thanks again for the great comment.


      • thinking of the 2007 series brings back a lot of memories. Especially the last two games at FenwayPark. I set my alarmclock and watched these games in the middle of the night because of the different time zone in Europe.

        This year will be interesting two. Both teams have competitive teams. They could go all the way, no doubt about that. I think that i will be a tight race in the AL Central, but the Indians will come out ahead – Lindor, Ramirez & Co are top!! and i like Tito a lot, of course;-)

        And in the East the old Yankees-RedSox rivalry is in full swing;-)

        • Yes – The AL East is going to be very competitive this year. Luckily the Central is not as strong, so we should be okay with our offense while we figure out our bullpen. As we say here, in Tito we trust! He is a great guy and manager. Hopefully we are on a collision course for the playoffs.

          That is incredible with 2007. What a cool experience that you made it work in Europe to see your team play. I still can’t believe they held Kenny Lofton at third base in game seven rather than send him home….man, I can only imagine what could have been haha

  8. Nice month. I like seeing you make some movies and keep adding purchases to the portfolio. O will keep providing growth every month. I picked up some as well but still want that position to be bigger. Quality monthly dividends are hard to come by.

    • Daze,

      Thank you so much! I am trying my best to make as many moves as I possible can. The monthly dividend from O is freaking sweet and I can’t get enough of it. I’m glad you took advantage of the decrease in price. Trust me, there will be plenty of other opportunities to buy.


  9. I had actually first posted on Lanny’s April performance, but I wanted to say a congrats to you as well. That is a great YoY!

    My April showed a great YoY with a 110% increase from last year (I went from $10.92 to $22.94). Its always nice to see that percentage, albeit easier at my level of dividend 😛 Cisco has been my April dividend baby, and was luckily one of the first stocks I ever started investing in, before I even new much about investing or dividends. I told Lanny that my goal for 2019 is to break the $100 monthly barrier in at least 1 month before the end of 2019.
    Keep up your run to FI!!

    • Jake,

      Thank you very much N2D! Welcome to the blog and we are excited to have you as a commentor. Speaking of insane growth rates, that 110% growth rate is just incredible. Who cares about the dollar amounts earned, that growth rate is freaking impressive. At the rate you’re going Jake, you’ll crush $100 in multiple months in 2019. I’ve got a great feeling about it.

      Take care,


  10. Good job. That KMI increase is awesome. That is one thing I want to build up get 400-600 a year in dividend increases. I like your idea of building up your current portfolio that is what I’m trying to do. Keep it up.

    • Thanks Doug! I loved the KMI increase. I’m really digging your dividend goal and let’s challenge each other to really beef up some of our holdings. I’m up for a nice challenge if you are!


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