Bert’s July Income and Expense Summary

Man oh man does it feel weird to be writing one of these articles again.  Similar to Lanny, I had taken a few months off of writing an income and expense article for a variety of reasons.   Through switching jobs again, traveling for my old job, and insert any life activity, time has been at a premium.  Enough with the excuses from my end!  While Lanny performed a 3 month income summary earlier in the month, I decided to forgo summarizing the last three months and instead focus solely on July.  But don’t worry, I will update our Savings Challenge page to display the last 3 months since one of my annual goals is to defeat the Dividend Diplomats Savings Challenge 6 times this year!  Let’s see how I performed in July.

Piggy Bank

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July Dividend Income from YOU the bloggers

We first published this article in May and decided to bring it back for another installment this July!  One of the best aspects of the dividend growth community is the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and motivation that assist each and every one of us in our relentless pursuit of financial freedom.  This article will contain a summary of July Dividend Income blog posts throughout the community.   They are in no particular order and if we inadvertently omitted our income summary, please share your results in the comments section and we will do our best to include you going forward.   July was a huge month for the two of us, so let’s see if the dividend investing community shared similar successes!


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Bert’s July Dividend Income Summary

Man, talk about tough acts to follow.  Lanny had one heck month hauling in a crazy $740 in dividend income during this “off” month.   Congrats on the great month Lanny!  With figures like that, I am setting myself up for yet another defeat in July, which makes perfect sense considering his portfolio is nearly triple the size of mine.  However, I have one glimmer of hope this month that can catapult me to fictitious victory over Lanny.  What is it?  I own more shares of Kraft than Lanny.   The question is, will this one-time special dividend be enough to push my dividend income for the month over $740.  Let’s find out!

dividend income

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Bert & Lanny’s Dividend Income Summary October

Another month down in the dividend income books.  Monthly I will evaluate and show the results of which companies paid dividends, progress towards the year and comparison to the past.  This is a great way to track my dividends to see if I’m on pace for financial freedom.  We are changing it up going forward to have both Bert & Lanny’s dividend income summary into one post – to save on postings/focus for the month.  This hopefully allows readers to also track and compare Lanny vs. Bert and who is dominating who in the dividend income playing field, isn’t that right BERT?!  Now onto our October dividend income results!  Time to step up to the plate

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Locked, Cocked & Ready to Unload! Stock Purchases October

Wow… as my title suggests, I have had my portfolio ammunition – locked, cocked and ready to UNLOAD!  There has been a lot of activity this month and thought – well, by Monday we are halfway through the month essentially and there’s been a lot of activity worthy of a post.  My locked, cocked & ready to unload began the very first day of October and has came to another chapter Friday October 10th.  This could go down as the biggest investments I have made in a single 10 day span.  Ready?  Let’s check it out.locked, cocked & ready to unload Continue reading

Dividend Diplomat August Watch List

Hey everyone!  Thanks for stopping by.  It has been 45 days since Bert posted his 10 stocks on his watch list and it is now time to update this list, as well as incorporating the full Diplomat team (Lanny!) into the mix, as we all have stocks on the watch list.  It’s been a wild 45 days and based on different purchases made over that stretch and allocation/weights in our portfolios, it is time to adjust and discuss which stocks are on our August watch list, RIGHT NOW! Continue reading

Purchase Summary – 7/8/14

As I said in my June investment report,  I had a couple of purchases up my sleeve for July.  I was getting a little tired of sitting on the sidelines.   So today, I decided to invest $1745 in two stocks that I already own.   Here is my transactions summary for my purchases today.

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