Lanny’s September Dividend Income Summary

Big quarter-end baby!  September 2019 marks the official close of the 3rd quarter, as we march into the last quarter of the year.  This month typically bears heavy fruit and is a great appetizer for what’s to come through the 4th quarter, especially December.  Though the investment activity isn’t busy as we’d like it to be, via limited stock purchases, the dividends continue to flow and reinvest to produce additional income going forward.  Without further-ado, time to jump into my September Dividend Income results!

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Expected Dividend Increases in September 2019

We are closing in on fall.  Football season is right around the corner, along with postseason baseball.  The Browns are the darlings of the NFL so far.  So let’s just say football is the talk of the town these days.  But let’s not forget how much dividend increases are discussed as well.  Maybe not by the city, but definitely by Lanny and I.  Heck, we are on the lookout 24/7 trying to find new dividend growth investments to add to our portfolios.   For those of you that are new to our website.  Each month, we predict the companies that are expected to announce a dividend increase in the coming month.  Let’s review the expected dividend increases in September!

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The Impact of Dividend Increases through September of 2018

When talking about dividend increases, this is us talking about dividend investing, at it’s finest!  Given another quarter-end had recently passed, I wanted to reflect on what occurred over the last 9 months.  I do not mean just any old reflection, but I am going to be specifically talking about dividend increases and their impact on my portfolio this year.  Tax reform has been rewarding, as companies have been sending portions of the cost savings to their shareholders.


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Lanny’s March Dividend Income Summary

Quarter 1 of 2016 is officially in the books, which means a quarter end month of dividend income has occurred!  The reason why I specifically mention the quarter-end, as this is typically a larger than normal month for dividend income, as there are substantially more payers in the U.S. that pay on those specific months as opposed to others.  This also marks my fifth busy season as an auditor being completed and I can wake up on Saturday not feeling like I need to be working for the firm, feels nice.  This is also one of the exciting time periods where we will read on individuals breaking their record for dividend income for the month!  All great news here.  Without any more introduction, let’s take a look at what Dividend Income was received for March 2016!

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Lanny’s December Dividend Income

The LAST month of the year.  The last month to tally up dividends for your annual/yearly total.  Typically, within investing in US-based companies – December is usually a big quarter end, as well for all you Mutual Fund & ETF holders out there, in regards to dividend distributions, as well as capital gain distributions.  With 11 months in the book and not one crossing the 4 digit mark yet – did the time finally come this December?  I had my hopes high, so let’s see if Santa delivered over the 1K mark this Christmas!

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The Reminder of being a Dividend Growth Investor from KMI’s News

SMACK!  The thunderous market was turmoiling, lower and lower.  Kinder Morgan (KMI) was taking a beating.  They just announced news about additional investments, further deteriorating the credit quality by the rating indexes.  From trading at $42.81 to begin the year and then plummeting downward to a spiral collapse at $16.42 on the close of 12/7, is truly amazing, a 62% decline from one of the Nation’s biggest/largest oil pipeline companies.  Management kept enamoring a dividend focused strategy, to set increases at a % growth rate each year, and then committing by showing/increasing the dividend throughout the year.   Interesting how the year really can unfold…  Continue reading

Bert’s November Dividend Income Summary

So Lanny jumped the gun a little bit when he posted his November dividend income summary last week.  Hey Lanny…news flash….November ended yesterday, not last week.  Who knows, maybe he had too much turkey on Thanksgiving and forgot that the month wasn’t actually over.  Now that November has officially come to a close and we enter the FINAL month of 2015, it is time to take a look at the dividends received in November and check my progress compared to the previous quarter and year.  As a community, we have made amazing strides as evidence through our monthly summary of dividend income from around the community.  So let’s see if we could keep the momentum rolling in November!

dividend income

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