Ford Stock Analysis (F)

Ford (F) has been a staple in the American automobile industry since the automobile’s infant stage.  The Model T was at the forefront of the revolution that helped bring the automobile to the eager middle class.   Both Ford and the industry have changed since the release of the Model T as consumers are presented with endless brands, options, customized features, and so on.  To see how the company stacks up in the broader market place, we will perform a Ford Stock Analysis by running Ford through the Dividend Diplomat Stock Screener.


Ford Stock Analysis


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Dividend Diplomats September Watch List

About a month ago we published our first formal Watch List.  A lot has changed over the last month.  We have received a ton of dividends, the S&P 500 has increased another .5%, Alibaba began trading, and McDonalds announced a 5% dividend increase!  With September nearly in the rear-view mirror, it is time to update our watch list for the end of September and first half of October.

Stock Watch List

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Expected September Dividend Increases

The best month of the quarter is upon us!  September adds a wave of capital to our portfolio through DRIPs or the receipt of cash.  Tracking my portfolio is particularly fun in this month since many of the companies I own will pay a dividend this month and one of my stocks is supposed to increase its dividend this month.  It seems like every two-three days a stock in my portfolio will have a new update for me to follow. It is great!  Let’s take a look which Dividend Aristocrats are set to increase their dividend this month.


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Goal Accomplished! Crossing $1,750 Projected Dividend Income

2014 has been a crazy, unreal year for my portfolio.   I have pushed myself to invest more capital than I was comfortable investing for the sake of reaching financial independence that much faster.   When 2014 began, I was projected to earn only $750 in dividend income.  My portfolio only had $17k invested in income producing assets with some major funds just sitting on the sidelines.   When the calendar flipped, I initially set a projected dividend income of $1,500 and surpassed this total early in the year.  I decided to increase this goal $250 and set a new target of $1,750.   I can now proudly say I my projected annual dividend income is $1,752, surpassing my goal.  So how did I do it?

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Latest Stock Purchase 8/26/14 – John Deere

Today was a quick trigger type of day.  I wanted to initiate a position that has been gaining a lot of attention – not only on our watch list, but from the dividend blogging community as well.  I made a purchase on my phone while at a Financial Institutions conference with 3% battery life left.  After the trade was made, my phone died.  Timing? We’ll see.  Continue reading

Dividend Diplomat August Watch List

Hey everyone!  Thanks for stopping by.  It has been 45 days since Bert posted his 10 stocks on his watch list and it is now time to update this list, as well as incorporating the full Diplomat team (Lanny!) into the mix, as we all have stocks on the watch list.  It’s been a wild 45 days and based on different purchases made over that stretch and allocation/weights in our portfolios, it is time to adjust and discuss which stocks are on our August watch list, RIGHT NOW! Continue reading

American Express (AXP) Stock Analysis

Visa isn’t the only dividend paying stock you know?   While V is a holding in many dividend growth investors’ portfolios, I wanted to take a look at an alternative option to see if the grass is possible greener elsewhere.  It is time to roll up our sleeves, pull our AMEX card our of our wallet, and analyze American Express Company (AXP) .

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