Bert’s April Dividend Income

As a great band once said….”Another one bites the dust.” Another month bites the dust and we are now entering May.   April was a crazy month that consisted of more transactions than I can remember for a while, the capstone of which was my investment in one of the largest railroad companies Norfolk Southern.   Unfortunately though, I will not be reaping the dividend benefits from these transactions until next quarter.   After seeing a minimal YOY increase of 8% in my dividend income in March, I am hoping that my investing throughout the first four months of the year will begin to show in April.  Looks like it is time to dive in and review my April dividend income summary.

dividend income

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Expected Dividend Increases in December

2015 is quickly approaching!  Holy smokes.  As the calendar turns for the final time this year, it is time to review which Dividend Aristocrats are expected to announce dividend increases in December.  For all new readers, we have reviewed projected dividend increases at the beginning of each month.  Why? Because the Dividend Diplomats love dividend increases, especially from Aristocrats.  With that being said, let’s review our projections from November and take a look ahead to the final month of 2014!

dividend increases in December

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