Dividend Diplomats Recent Buy – CZNC

The Dividend Diplomats were back at it again!  Yes, both of us purchased the same company approximately two weeks ago and we wanted to share the purchase article with you.  And yes, this is the second time we have both purchased a stock at the same time in 2016.   Due to both of being busy with work, traveling, vacations, festivity planning, etc.. we were taken away from writing this article closer to the date of the stock purchases we made.  Given that we are both Financial Institution auditors, we purchased a bank that is already friendly in our portfolio – Citizens & Northern (CZNC).  Time to cash in those checks for stock! Continue reading

Bert’s November Dividend Income Summary

So Lanny jumped the gun a little bit when he posted his November dividend income summary last week.  Hey Lanny…news flash….November ended yesterday, not last week.  Who knows, maybe he had too much turkey on Thanksgiving and forgot that the month wasn’t actually over.  Now that November has officially come to a close and we enter the FINAL month of 2015, it is time to take a look at the dividends received in November and check my progress compared to the previous quarter and year.  As a community, we have made amazing strides as evidence through our monthly summary of dividend income from around the community.  So let’s see if we could keep the momentum rolling in November!

dividend income

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