Industries Built for the Coronavirus and Dividend Investors

The market’s volatility has been insane as of late, due to the health & economic impact from the Coronavirus.  If you see the chart below – your stomach definitely has to be feeling the highs and lows that each day brings.  One day you can be down 9.51% (like on the 12th) and the very next day, up 9.29%, followed by being down 11.98%.

S&P 500, Coronavirus

This is what we are in for, over the next few months, I believe.  The question is – what do you invest in?  What are the dividend stocks in the stock market that can weather through the Coronavirus storm?  We took time to think about the industries that are doing well during the global pandemic we are going through. Continue reading

Lanny’s Recent Purchase – JNJ

Phew… almost thought for a minute or a month there, that I may go a full 30 days without a right on stock purchase.  Well, I guess I couldn’t hold back for 30 days and have made a new stock purchase!  Always having tricks up my sleeve and am able to make a move on Thursday of this last week, which is great, even if it wasn’t a large investment.  However, it was a NEW investment to my portfolio, let’s take a look at who I was able to scoop up!


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