Dividend Stock Purchases: Bert’s June 2020 Summary

2020 is flying by! We have crossed the 50 yard line and are marching towards the endzone. Each month presents exciting new twists and opportunities in the stock market. June was no different! My wife and I found 4 companies to purchase during the month. This article summarizes our dividend stock purchases for June. See what companies we purchased that allowed us to add $58 in forward dividend income.

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Dividend Stock Purchase: Bert’s May 2020 Summary

dividend stock purchase

May was another fascinating month in the market. The number of green days significantly outnumbered the red days. For our portfolio market values, it was exciting to see. However, from a stock purchase standpoint, it was a little frustrating.  As prices appreciated, the number of purchase opportunities slowly faded. Still, as you saw in Lanny’s May purchase article and you’ll see in mine, there were still opportunities to purchase strong, quality dividend growth stocks.  Let’s dive right in and view my May dividend stock purchase summary.

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Bert’s January Dividend Stock Purchases

The first month is officially in the book.  Lanny kicked off our round of purchase summaries by showing how he invested over $9,000 in the stock market in January!  Amazing Lanny, just amazing.  While we didn’t add anywhere close to that, we were able to move a little cash off the sidelines and into the market.  Here are our January dividend stock purchases!

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Lanny’s Stock Purchases January 1st Through January 15th

2019 has been interesting to say the least.  I know the market is up and down every single day and earnings releases are just around the corner, literally.  I have been working through year-end reporting with regulatory filings, in addition to compliance filings, with external auditors/regulators barking on my door, therefore – work made the days pitch black in the morning and pitch black at night.  The only light being shed are the dividend stock purchases, right?  It’s now time to check out my dividend stock purchases over the first two weeks of January!

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Bert’s November Stock Purchases

Like Lanny, as he noted in his November purchase article, this has been a relatively quiet month from a purchasing perspective.  After a crazy October that saw wild swings in the market and a lot of small purchases, November was calmer as many companies rebounded from that rough October.  Of course though, there were some opportunities that presented themselves.  I had to dip my toe in the market a little bit, right??  Here is a summary of my November stock purchases!

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Recent Buy – Pfizer (PFE)

I couldn’t sit on the sidelines too long.  After a strong month of purchased in January, which saw me add to my current stakes in  ADM and CZNC,  I wanted to keep the momentum rolling.  At the end of my January dividend income article, I mentioned that I purchased a stock but haven’t disclosed the purchase yet to the community.  Well, that is about to change.  Last week I unloaded some capital and purchased a stake in Pfizer (PFE).  Let’s see why!



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Recent Buy – ADM

Well, I couldn’t stay on the sidelines too long in 2016.   I am AMPED and ready to start the year off strong after setting my goals and realizing that I have some serious work to do.   One of the stocks I already own has been trading at a discount of late and let me tell you, I just couldn’t hold off any longer.  Let’s dive right in and see which company won the honor of being my first stock purchased in 2016 (If the title hasn’t given it away already). Buying Stocks

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