August Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers

We first published this article in May and have not looked back since!  We are a community here and are all focused on the same end goal:  achieving financial freedom through dividend investing.   We all share our successes and encourage each other to push ourselves to the max so we can reach the end goal as soon as possible.  This article will contain a summary of August Dividend Income blog posts throughout the community.   The list is in no particular order and if we inadvertently omitted our income summary, please share your results in the comments section and we will do our best to include you going forward.   Let’s take a look at how this wonderful community of bloggers performed in August!


The Two of Us–  In July, Lanny was the victor as he narrowly edged Bert out.  This month,  Bert did not have a special dividend from Kraft to close the gap between the differences in our portfolios.  Lanny won by a large margin, amassing $287 in dividend income in August while Bert earned $133.

Dividend Hustler$1,104.79 –  Hustler had an awful dividend month, earning only $1,104.79 in dividend income.  That’s chump change!  Obviously I’m kidding here.  Talk about an amazing month.  Nice job Hustler! Keep on investing and building Hustler Incorporated.  You’ll hit your goal before you know it at this rate.

Dividend Mantra – $528.80 – Jason eclipsed $500 in monthly dividends for the 10th time and there may be no looking back now.   Like many of us, Jason pumped a lot of capital into his portfolio over the last few months which should set the table for another 20% YOY increase in August 2016.

DivHut$373.27–  DivHut experienced some pretty intense dividend growth rates over the last year in his regular, Roth, and IRA accounts.  The fruits of a ton of investing over the last year are really starting to pay off for DivHut!

Captain Dividend – $309.01 – Captain Dividend set a dividend income record this month.  Congrats Captain!  The best part is you are hopefully going to break your dividend income record each month or each quarter as your portfolio and dividend income continue to grow.  That’s the beauty of investing in companies that pay a strong, growing dividend income stream.  Keep up the amazing progress!

Dividend Growth Journey – $177.35 – Last month, many of us benefited from a massive Kraft special dividend.  This month, Dividend Growth Journey had a nice special dividend from a restaurant we are all familiar with…Cracker Barrel.  Heck, I didn’t even know they were public let alone paid a special dividend.

Dividend Empire$60.69 in empire portfolio and $104.02 in retirement portfolio.  Amazing progress here Empire!  What’s crazy is that this is only Dividend Empire’s 4th month of receiving dividends…that’s right, the fourth month.   He is way ahead of where we were when the two of us began dividend investing!

Ryan at My Dividend Growth – $180.76 – Ryan posted a 121% year over year August dividend growth rate.  Not a bad day at the office.  What’s also worth noting is that Ryan crossed a milestone here, receiving $1,000 in dividends in a calendar year for the first time.  Congrats and enjoy your wedding and honeymoon!.

Dividend Gremlin – $67.45 – Gremlin had an action packed month, seeing his dividend income increase nearly 10%, buying some nice companies during the downturn, and earning a huge new work certification.  Don’t forget blogging on top of that.  Great month Gremlin and hopefully you enjoyed your trip to the Buckeye State!

Roadmap to Retire – 673 CAD, $508 USD –  As I mentioned last month, I love R2R’s monthly summaries as it offers broader passive income update, which consists of website income, dividend income, and any other side hustles.   In total, R2R realized 289 CAD in dividend income, meaning over half of R2R’s income comes from other sources.  Talk about a diversified passive income stream.

Div4Son – $168.94 – D4S had  another very busy month with nearly $6,000 in net purchases.  D4S is another individual who is relatively new to the dividend investing game, passing his one year anniversary in August, and is just KILLING it!   Congrats on the amazing first year and hopefully there are many more to follow!

For those of you tallying, in total, the two of us and all the other bloggers listed in the article earned over $4,003 in dividend income.  The bottom line here is that we are all making AMAZING progress in our relentless pursuit of financial freedom. To steal a quote from Dividend Mantra’s August article, the progress is real.  The best part is…this is just the beginning!

-The Dividend Diplomats

19 thoughts on “August Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers

  1. Nice summary post. It is interesting to see other dividend investors out there and what they do. I got $70.16 last month in dividends. Not much, but the way I look at it I can now pay for me and my wife’s cell phone for the rest of our lives.

    • I love the mindset. Use dividend income to cover expenses, which in turn frees up other income that allows your to pursue your dreams or get the most out of your life. Now you never have to worry about your cell phone again. Heck yeah!

      Thanks for stopping by.


    • Gremlin,

      What are you talking about?? Your income stream increased from last year. We are all moving in the right direction and making great progress towards the end goal of financial freedom. That’s what it is all about.


      • I just know its not my best already! I know that December is gunna crush it!
        Anyways, it is all progress, I guess I am just excited for the future. Each dollar is that much freedom back in my own hands.

  2. It’s wonderful receiving all these passive income. We’re all on our way to financial freedom. Let’s continue marching forward and keep trying our best. It’s an awesome journey. Take care buds.

  3. Glad to read everyone is on the right track, that’s a lot of passive income between us. Let’s all keep working hard and moving forward. I appreciate the inclusion 🙂


  4. Bert and Lanny,

    Thanks for including me!

    Wow, that’s some incredible stuff up there. It’s awesome to see so many people that, collectively, are reaching for their dreams and getting closer and closer every single month. It’s all about becoming a better (and more independent) you every single day. Striving for that really adds up over time, which these reports prove.

    Best regards.

  5. Wow that’s really cool to see it laid out like that! It is very impressive and def gives me the confidence to keep grinding. The numbers are going to start to look crazy the faster the money comes in!

    Great job all.

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