Bert’s July Dividend Income Summary

After coming off the highs of our June dividend income summary, we now get to report on the lowly first month of the quarter now that July has come to a close.    Last month, I was able to post a 56% annual growth rate, and a lot of that had to do with the purchases I had in the first half of the year.  Some how, some way, all those purchases seemed to pay a dividend in the third month of the quarter!   I’m not expecting those kind of results here, so let’s see how I performed during the month and if I was able to defeat Lanny’s dividend growth rate during July.  Here is my July dividend income summary!

dividend income

July dividend income summary


Compared to July 2015, my dividend income fell by 85%! WOAH!  In July, I received $103.82 in dividend income Well, if you all recall, last year at this time we received our special dividend from the Kraft-Heinz merger, which put a lot of cash in the hands of Kraft shareholders.  I know that was an awesome surprise/boost for me.   Since that was only one-time income though, I thought I should remove it to get a true year over year comparison of income I anticipate to receive on a recurring basis.  After removing the special Kraft dividend, my adjusted annual dividend growth rate compared to last year was 2.97%.  That is definitely less than the 56% growth rate I experienced in June and even worse that it is significantly less than Lanny’s 16% YOY dividend growth rate.  I’ll graciously accept my defeat and tell myself that I will best Lanny in August!   However, Lanny is crushing it with his new tax strategy that will making catching him pretty tough.   Great month and that is one heck of a raise to receive from your passive investments.

This is usually the point where I tell you about the new stocks I received dividend income from or any big increases I received from stocks this month compared to last July.  However, I just don’t have anything new to report that would have impacted this month.  My last purchase, Target, pays a dividend in the 3rd month of the quarter.   So September will receive a nice bump, but that doesn’t help me here in July.  And as you can see in the table above, I didn’t really receive any significant dividend increases from my dividend stocks.  Kraft-Heinz announced a modest increase compared to last year, but it definitely wasn’t anything to write home about.   So for now, I’ll settle on receive a small increase due to the power of dividend re-investment.  That’s one of the things I love about DRIPing, your income slowly and steadily increases with each dividend check received.   Without that, this month may have shown a dividend income decrease!

dividend Increase

Much like Lanny, there is nothing to report here.  I did not receive any dividend increases in July.


Boring, boring, and more boring here.  This month, there really wasn’t much going on with my portfolio.  I didn’t buy a stock as the market has continued to soar either, so I am just sitting patiently on the sidelines waiting for my next opportunity to strike.  All I know is that when the market does fall and I get the chance to pick up a great dividend stock at a discount, I am going to run through that door and add some income to my portfolio!  I still have some progress to make with my 2016 goals though, so I want some opportunities to arrive sooner rather than later.   I can’t wait to start reading everyone’s income reports and beginning to compile our July dividend income summary article.  Let’s see if the community could be Lanny and me!

How were your months of July?  Did you experience a small growth rate like I did?  If so, are you concerned at all about it?  What stocks are you waiting to pounce on when the market pulls back?


35 thoughts on “Bert’s July Dividend Income Summary

  1. KHC’s special dividend last year got me too and I ended up with a year over year decline based on the whole numbers. I feel a bit like a CFO right now and adjusting my numbers to make things look better but KHC’s dividend was truly a one-off event.

    Was the meager year over year growth excluding KHC mainly attributable to currency exchange from GSK?

    • JC,

      Time to put together our non-GAAP reconciliations/adjusted earnings notes in our articles haha It helps appreciate some of the stuff the CFOs go through in their press releases and other filings. the point of the article is to cover recurring income and enjoy the one-time events when they occur. It would have been misleading/wrong/depressing if I just said “My income sucked compared to last year mentioning the special dividend.

      Yes, the currency exchange from GSK definitely hurt me. My dividend gorwth rate would have been higher if I didn’t lose $3-$4 due to that. But sadly, there is nothing you can do to control currency. What was your final income figure for the year? Did you still beat last July even without the KHC dividend??


      • Our GAAP numbers showed declines but there’s a lot of moving parts that made the comparisons unrealistic. FX hurt us and we’ve closed some positions over the last year that paid in July. But we still ended up with $274 across all 3 of our accounts which worked out to a 4.8% FI, 7.8% Loyal3 and 9.2% Roth increase for each of them which is pretty good considering that was all from dividend growth and reinvestment.

  2. At least the dividends are still growing, even if it is not as much as you had hoped! July has been a slow month for many as not many companies pay dividends this month but I am sure you are going to crush it the next two months. Excited to see those!

    • Stefan,

      Very true. I was still taking a step forward and that is always a good thing, even if that step resembles the size ofa step my 16 month year old nephew would make versus one of my own steps haha It is hard to find cheap companies that pay in July right now because that list is so exclusive to begin with. I hope you are right and I can’t wait to get my first TGT dividend in September! Thanks for the encouragement.


  3. Dividend investing is just starting for me. The concept is really interesting, especially the growth you get from it. Excluding special dividend, you had 2,97pct income growth. Not bad, it beats inflation!

    • Amber Tree,

      Inflation and I were awfully close here, but I think I beat it out. So I guess I gained some purchasing power! Since you are so new to dividend investing, your dividend growth rates are going to be a lot of fun to watch and calculate. Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Growth is growth! better than the other way around. Imagine when you are looking at 3% on $1000 of income…
    $30 is not chump change when you are saving 60% of your income! Not doing any work and still getting paid more money, gotta love it!

  5. Hard to beat last year’s July dividend income. Special dividends are great, but I prefer regular consistent dividends that increase on an annual basis. It was a boring month, not many buys in the DGI blogging community. This month could be better. Markets are acting up again. I have my eyes fixed on MGA and RAI. I may make a move later this week if markets keep dropping.

    • IH,

      Very true, a special dividend that large will make any month tough to beat. That’s why I pulled it out for the purposes of this article. Thinking tobacco eh? What caught your eye with RAI over PM and MO?? I’m sick of the boring months like this, I want to inject capital and I want some action. Luckily the market is starting to slide here in August, so lets hope that it takes back some of those recent gains.



  6. Better a small increase than no increase. And of course we don’t count the one time dividend since, well, it’s one time. 🙂

    Still, nice income for the month of July. Now if we just had some better buying opportunities for the time to come!

    • Pursuit2Freedom,

      Very, very true! Something is better than nothing and it is definitely better than showing a loss! What’s on your radar? Isn’t it nice to see the stock market start the month off with two consecutive red days? I don’t think that happened once in July!

      Thanks for stopping by.


  7. It’s still growth.. 🙂
    $100 in dividends is still not bad. Congratulations. We all know July is a slow month.

    August will be much better.

    Good luck Bert!

  8. Not bad Bert, boring months make for financially enjoyable ones don’t they? – At least you should tell yourself that. Shame it’s such a drop, but that can’t be helped and you had awesome income last year. I’m sure next month will be a great increase again 🙂


    • Tristan,

      I think I forgot to mention that I LOVE boring months. Boring is definitely not a bad thing when it comes to investing. The drop was inevitable once I realized that I was not going to be receiving a special dividend this month. Hopefully I can get back to the double digit mark in August! But at the end of it all, I”m just happy to be receiving dividends and pushing the ball forward.


  9. Again with the “boring, boring, boring?” I’ll take boring any day and let me sleep at night than too much excitement and crazy fluctuations. You had a decent month. You can’t really count those special dividends as they are rare occurrences. Still nice to see some great companies paying you in July. It will be interesting to see how the rest of our community fared in July. Thanks for sharing.

    • Keith,

      You called me out on the BORING thing again haha I can’t slip anything past you. It is boring because I wish I had more good news to report to all of you. But you are right, boring is a great things over “exciting” months that sees turbulence and dividend cuts. I can’t wait to roll up my sleeves either and see what the community has been up top over the last month. Hopefully you enjoyed your trip!


    • CONGRATS ZJ! Welcome to the wonderful world of dividend investing. Just to warn you, receiving dividends and partial shares is pretty darn addicting. I do love REITs and there are a lot of great ones out there. The payout is much higher based on the tax benefits that force the companies to pay out 90% of earnings. Plus, REITs can come in all shapes and sizes, different niches. They can be single tenant stand alone stores, massive healthcare facilities, shopping centers, all of the above!


  10. That’s the tricky thing about special dividends, the year after your growth would decrease. But both you and Lanny managed to grow your dividend income if you take out the special dividend from last year, that’s the important thing.

    • Tawcan,

      The special dividend giveth and the special dividend taketh. You have to think of it as a one-time event and once you receive it, forget about it because that is not a part of your annual income. Luckily I was able to pull off a gain and Lanny definitely fared better than I did this month. Thanks for stopping by!


  11. Keep it up Bert.
    Whatever the amount you received, let’s be grateful and appreciative to be in this position.
    You’re doing awesome for being so young. Congrats on this success at such a young age bro. I’m happy for your progress. Keep your head up and keep hustling away. Don’t stop!
    Cheers buddy.

    • HUSTLER!

      Long time no talk, thanks so much for stopping by and the kind words in your comment. I appreciate your words of encouragement and it always helps me focus on grinding. Ready to crush this game called investing and push towards financial freedom??


  12. Bert,
    3% is not horrible, its still the right direction. Both you and Lanny are definitely progressing in a nice positive direction. Keep it up, I am interested in seeing how your approach with fewer larger purchases works for you guys.
    – Gremlin

    • Gremlin!

      Very true, 3% is definitely better than zero or a red dividend growth rate. Time will tell with the larger purchases approach. But honestly, I’m really enjoying receiving large dividend checks that add a huge chunk of shares, further producing future income. Small purchases have worked as well though and I’d rather do a small purchase than no purchase. Plus, when I was just starting out and didn’t have large chunks of money for it, I loved putting anything I could into the stock market. September has been my biggest beneficiary of the large purchase strategy as it seems that every stock I have purchased recently has paid in September haha


  13. If receiving over $100 of passive income from investments is boring, sign me up! I’ve also got some months that seem more slow than others, but the great thing is they all add to the snowball. Keep up the great work!

    • haha I should have been more clear, my lack of activity was what made this month boring. I’m exited that I was able to pull down triple digit income for the month. I don’t have a darn thing to complain about. Thanks for stopping by!


  14. Hey, $100 is nothing to sneeze at, especially when it comes in regardless of any work you have or have not done. I’m finding that the first month of the quarter is pretty rough, especially during the last two quarters because Wal-Mart shifts to the third month on my payouts. Still, even a small increase is way better than a decline or no increase.

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