September Dividend Income From YOU The Bloggers!

Another month baby!  Dividend growth investing has been hot and heavy.  Each blogger continues to get better, each month and each year, in comparison.  That’s exactly what you want to see and what you should expect if you have a sound strategy and stay consistent.  The energy is HERE.  We ARE going FORWARD on this JOURNEY… Together.

What’s crazy is  how many stock purchases the two of us have made over the years that stemmed from an article we read on one of your websites.  We cherish this community.  Which is why we aggregate as many dividend income summary articles from around the community.  Here is the September 2019 version of the Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers series.  It is time to get motivated!

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The Impact of Dividend Increases through September of 2019

When talking about dividend increases, this is us talking about dividend investing, at it’s finest!  Given the third quarter-end had recently passed, I wanted to reflect on what occurred over the last 9 months.  This is not any old reflection, but specifically about dividend increases and their impact on my portfolio this year.  Now that tax reform was 2018 news, how are the dividend increases stacking up this year?

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Bert’s September Dividend Income Summary

Fall is in the air.  It is my wife’s favorite season, and I’m enjoying celebrating it with her and my daughter.  The leaves should be changing soon.  Plus, there have been plenty of great festivals and the best part, different fall beers, to try!  Lanny kicked off our website’s dividend income summary festivities with some jaw-dropping numbers.  Combined, his household dividend income was over $3,000!  Couldn’t be more proud of them and what they are accomplishing.  It sure motivates us to keep pushing forward.  While we didn’t hit $3,000 in dividend income, we are continuing to grow our income in some capacity.  Let’s check out our September Dividend Income summary.

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Lanny’s September Dividend Income Summary

Big quarter-end baby!  September 2019 marks the official close of the 3rd quarter, as we march into the last quarter of the year.  This month typically bears heavy fruit and is a great appetizer for what’s to come through the 4th quarter, especially December.  Though the investment activity isn’t busy as we’d like it to be, via limited stock purchases, the dividends continue to flow and reinvest to produce additional income going forward.  Without further-ado, time to jump into my September Dividend Income results!

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