Expected Dividend Increases in February 2019

Winter is here.  I’ll tell you what, we are tired of shoveling snow and the frigid cold temperatures here in Cleveland.  But even while it is cold, the dividends and dividend increases continue to heat up!  Sorry for the bad play on words, couldn’t resist it right there.  With a new month looming, it is time for the next installment of our monthly series projecting all the Dividend Aristocrats and dividend growth stocks that are expected to announce a dividend increase in the coming month.  Here is the February 2019 edition of the Expected Dividend Increases series!

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Getting Back to Basics

We all have been there.  When time goes by and sometimes you cannot grasp everything that is happening or everything that is happening is out of your control.  You begin down a spiraling path of not taking care of “the house” and end up jumping from one event/task/fire to the next, while running out of time to take care of what was needed.  The last 6 months have been amazing and Lord knows how life-filled that time period was.  However, I may not have been as diligent as I could have been and 2019 is about getting back to basics.

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December Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Ah, the best month for being a Dividend Investor.  Most companies pay on a quarterly basis in the third month of the quarter and for those that have mutual fund/ETF investments, the dividends and capital gains pour in at the end of the year.  Due to the insane amount of dividend increases and with the benefit of consistency from our community, we expect the report below to be mind-blowing and many records to be set.  Here is the December version of the dividend income from YOU the bloggers!

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Why I Purchased Shares of Dominion Energy (D)

January has been off to an interesting start.  Lanny has crushed it with his stock purchases over the last 30 days, adding some serious dividend income to his total.  Me, not so much.  I’ve been on the sidelines for a while now and talked about how frustrated that was making me in my last dividend income summary.  Now, that’s no longer the case and I’ve finally made my first stock purchase of 2019.   As the title suggests, I purchased shares of Dominion Energy recently and here are some of the main reasons why.

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Lanny’s Stock Purchases January 1st Through January 15th

2019 has been interesting to say the least.  I know the market is up and down every single day and earnings releases are just around the corner, literally.  I have been working through year-end reporting with regulatory filings, in addition to compliance filings, with external auditors/regulators barking on my door, therefore – work made the days pitch black in the morning and pitch black at night.  The only light being shed are the dividend stock purchases, right?  It’s now time to check out my dividend stock purchases over the first two weeks of January!

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Combining My Health Savings Accounts and Adding Dividend Income Along the Way

There are always fun wrinkles when you change employers.  You cross your fingers and hope they have the same 401k brokerage, the same Health Savings Account provider, and same health insurance provider to make things easy.  Unfortunately for me, I struck out on all three.  After receiving my second HSA card in the mail a few months ago, I quickly became annoyed with having two accounts.  So I decided to look into this further and determine if I should keep two separate Health Savings Accounts or combine the two accounts.

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The Impact of Dividend Increases through December of 2018

When talking about dividend increases, this is us talking about dividend investing, at it’s finest!  Given another quarter-end had recently passed, I wanted to reflect on what occurred over the last full-year.  I do not mean just any old reflection, but I am going to be specifically talking about dividend increases and their impact on my portfolio this year.  Tax reform has been rewarding, as companies have been sending portions of the cost savings to their shareholders.


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