Lanny’s May Investment Report

Hello Everyone!  This will be a traditional/monthly post where I explain my investment activities (purchases, sales) and goal updates.  This should always be an exciting time, as it will help not only me & Bert, but hopefully YOU – the reader stay on track with your goals as well.  Let’s get down to business and to breakdown the transparency to my portfolio & goals!

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Latest Stock Purchase 5/27/14

Well gosh darn it, I did it again!  I purchased 3 individual stocks on a market trade with my brokerage account that was set in the past!  But it’s okay, that bulk purchase of $2,772 spread event over three companies provided me with quite a “bang” to my annual dividend income.  Here is the breakdown of the trades that happened a few days ago on May 27, 2014:

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Expected June Dividend Increases

As dividend followers, we love companies that  raise their dividend on an annual basis. Lanny and I often find ourselves having side bets about how much a company will raise their dividend to see which one of us will get closer. Of course it is all fun and games, but it emphasizes the importance of investing in a company that will continue to grow their dividend as a flat dividend or a dividend increase  less than inflation will decrease your future purchasing power. Using the Wikipedia definition of a  Dividend Aristocrat (25 years of dividend increases), we projected which aristocrat will declare a dividend increase in June. Remember, we cannot guarantee that the dividend will be increased in this month, but we wanted to use the timing of historical dividend increases to project which aristocrats will declare an increase  in the upcoming month.

Bad news, after accumulating the list we realized Aristocrats do not typically raise  their dividend in June. We predict only the following companies will announce an increase next month:

The Target increase should be the most interesting of the three in lieu of the recent pullback in the stock price. I am looking forward to see what action they take. Hopefully all three of the companies will continue their historical trend and increase their dividend.


 See which companies increased their dividend in May



Bert’s Monthly Dividend Summary

What a beautiful Memorial Day here in the Buckeye State. It is a perfect day to honor our veterans, spend time with family, grill, and most importantly, review the dividends you have received during the month! Earlier in the day Lanny wrote about his monthly dividend income, so now it is my turn to assess my portfolio’s performance for the month of May.

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Lanny’s Monthly Dividend Income – May

All – it’s been another great month of dividend income, especially compared to the whopping $2.42 that I earned in this month last year – can we say almost 40x that amount was earned in May this year?  Yes, yes we can.  I know I’m fortunate to see this growth and at least this amount going forward, barring any cuts or eliminations – which I invest into companies for that NOT to happen!  I do hope everyone is enjoying their memorial day – hopefully, we all are using this day to reflect.  See the breakdown for the month:

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Swagbucks: Make Money Online – Review

While one of the main topics of our blog is increasing income with dividend paying stocks, it is only one of many ways to increase your passive income. There are thousands of online websites that reward users that use their website as a “middleman” to access the most popular websites. One of my favorite reward websites is Swagbucks.

swagbucks, side hustle, make money online

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May Dividend Increases!

All – this post will breakdown the dividend increase announcements from the month of May that we hold in our portfolios.  This is a great way to see if/when our individual stocks decide to give “more” earnings back to their shareholders – “us”!  Some months we may have a post, others we may not – it all depends if our companies that we own decide to increase.  We each will go through our portfolios and review any dividend increase announcement.  This is one of the trickling effects/ways to increase your portfolio, reinvest those dividends to increase your annual income!  And the cycle continues…

Dividend Increase Announcements – May

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