Lanny’s Monthly Dividend Income – May

All – it’s been another great month of dividend income, especially compared to the whopping $2.42 that I earned in this month last year – can we say almost 40x that amount was earned in May this year?  Yes, yes we can.  I know I’m fortunate to see this growth and at least this amount going forward, barring any cuts or eliminations – which I invest into companies for that NOT to happen!  I do hope everyone is enjoying their memorial day – hopefully, we all are using this day to reflect.  See the breakdown for the month:

May: I received a total of $78.29 of dividends broken out by the following:

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 1.31.55 PM

 This amount of $78.29 beats the crap out of the May 2013 amount of $2.42.  This time last year I did NOT own AT&T, PG, KMI or O – so that is the main reasons why I had such a large increase from prior year – which it is especially interesting, as I feel the months of January, February, April May, July, August, October and November are difficult months due to the irregularity of dividend payments distributed during those months by companies.  May purchases were:

  • AT&T (T) 48 additional shares to my current portion for a total infusion of $88 to my dividend annual total

With this months dividends, my total YTD now stands at $1,032.35, which is approximately $640 more than the same YTD period in the prior year.  Extremely happy with how this month was as it showed indication of where my portfolio is heading and always nice to have the “off month” have dividends stream in.  These have all been reinvested to provide additional shares and future income as well, definitely excited about that!  Is everyone enjoying your memorial day?  What did you purchase this month?  Hopefully everyone takes time to reflect and be thankful for what we have, thanks for stopping by!


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