Bert’s Monthly Dividend Summary

What a beautiful Memorial Day here in the Buckeye State. It is a perfect day to honor our veterans, spend time with family, grill, and most importantly, review the dividends you have received during the month! Earlier in the day Lanny wrote about his monthly dividend income, so now it is my turn to assess my portfolio’s performance for the month of May.

In total, I received $47.07 in dividends during May compared to $5.47 in 2013. Similar to Lanny, I have made many purchases since then to help increase the figure (I only owned T last May). But it is always cool to see how much progress you have made in a year. Hopefully I can see this same kind of growth next year! The summary of dividends received is below.

T $   19.87
PG $   11.67
ARCP$    14.75
OIEIX$      0.78
Total $   47.07

Ironically, two of the stocks experienced pullback in the month after I received my dividends (T and ARCP) so I wasn’t able to benefit from the slide. Even though the difference is minimal (about .1 shares at the most), I still wanted those extra shares! ARCP is a monthly dividend payer so I will hopefully benefit from this next month.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my performance during the month, especially considering that May is an “off month” for dividends. In the next week I plan on making two purchases, one of which will help increase my May dividend in future periods. I can’t wait to write this article next month since June is a heavy dividend month.


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