Dividend Income

10 thoughts on “Dividend Income

  1. Hi,
    both of your income streams are impressive! Congrats for beeing so comitted. I am somewhere in between both of your income streams.
    One thing I wanted to ask, Bert, is Lannys´ income a motivation or a demotivation or are both of you not thinking of it like a little competition?


  2. DD,
    Nice post! You guys are making great progress. Wow…A jump from $103 in July 2014 to $740 in July 2015 is very impressive for one year. I can’t wait to see what the numbers look like in 10 years. Keep in touch.

  3. Good data! I’ll have to start tracking my dividends as well, but I’m still at only a few hundred dollars per year. This really inspires me to invest more. Lots of good posts on your site too.

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