Dividend Income

In the chart below, we have listed our monthly dividend income totals over the years.  We have been writing monthly dividend income summaries since our blog was founded in 2014.  Each monthly total in the table below includes a link to the article providing the detailed summary.

20 thoughts on “Dividend Income

  1. Hi,
    both of your income streams are impressive! Congrats for beeing so comitted. I am somewhere in between both of your income streams.
    One thing I wanted to ask, Bert, is Lannys´ income a motivation or a demotivation or are both of you not thinking of it like a little competition?


  2. DD,
    Nice post! You guys are making great progress. Wow…A jump from $103 in July 2014 to $740 in July 2015 is very impressive for one year. I can’t wait to see what the numbers look like in 10 years. Keep in touch.

  3. Good data! I’ll have to start tracking my dividends as well, but I’m still at only a few hundred dollars per year. This really inspires me to invest more. Lots of good posts on your site too.

  4. Hey guys, you continue to inspire me and I look forward to your posts. Bert, please double-check your % gain calculation for your dividend portfolio above, I think your year over year increases are more than what’s stated.

  5. Hi Guys:
    I’m looking for some American Dividend blogs to review my book Your Ever Growing Income, US edition. If you would be interested email me and I’ll send you a pdf copy.
    Mark Seed of Myownadvisor.ca did the review of the Canadian edition.

  6. Hey! My first time seeing your webpage as a result of Seeking Alpha. Very nice! I’m only at about $300 average per month but it’s growing! Was wondering….. Do you reinvest your dividends? For those in my portfolio that are trading below the basis, I set my account to reinvest (since it’s a free transaction), which then helps get my basis down a penny or two. For those that are trading above my basis I put that amount into my pot for another purchase. Thanks! Will continue to track!

    • Bob,

      Thank you for the comment. Hopefully you will be commenting more often now. $300 a month is AWESOME! We do DRIP for the time being. When we are retired though, the DRIP will be turned off. I like your thought process and methodology though. Its smart to only DRIP the undervalued and pass on the overvalued. Definitely something for me to consider.

      Thanks again!

      • Well, exploring your website has certainly inspired me to start a blog somehow…. if I can learn how to do that!! My methodology is a little riskier, and it would be fun sharing and getting comments/suggestions like you are fortunate enough to do. Thanks again!

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