Welcome to the Wonderful World of Dividend Investing

“Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it.”
― Albert Einstein

The power of dividend investing is remarkable, as we will get into going forward with this blog.  A blog isn’t a blog until you have the first big “Welcome” post – so, with that being said – Welcome to our Dividend Diplomat story, where we are two young mid-20’s, dividend hungry investors who are working to break free from the chains of the 9-5 or in our CPA terms – 7-9 days of working for “the man”.

Instead, we are putting our hard/slave earned dollars to work by purchasing strong companies that show history of paying dividends and increasing those wonderful chips annually.  We are two young gunners that are relentless in our pursuit of undervalued investments that will provide a return large enough in dividend cash flow so that we can sustain our quality of life and pursue the things that we truly enjoy, things that make us happy – sounds crazy, right?

We believe that investing in these companies will build a self-sustaining engine to allow us to maximize our time being spent doing what we love. Each post will take you through our thought process and our journey towards reaching this goal. While stock are the main focus, we will also enlighten you on ways to save money and to use the internet to minimize the cost of purchasing everyday items in order to fuel this portfolio to shorten the time horizon of financial independence.  The question I have is – Are you ready?  Are you buckled up?


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Wonderful World of Dividend Investing

  1. Nice start here guys! 4 Pillars referred me along to you and I’ll be smashing through your back catalog to read through more about this..

    The one question I’ve got before I get too much into this is why are you keen to reach financial independence? i.e. what are your plans once you do so? This may be covered in later posts although I was curious 😉

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