Bert’s Month of April

Dividend Activity

My month of April netted $41.23 of total dividends. Not too shabby for an off month. The payments consisted of two quarterly payments, PM and KRFT, and two monthly payments, ARCP and OIEIX.

PM $   11.70
KRFT      11.02
ARCP      14.67
OIEIX        3.84

Purchases During the Month

I made two dividend stock purchases during the month, both of which have yields greater than 4%. Two major steps towards reaching my goal of $1,750.  These two are now added to my Dividend Portfolio.

Glaxosmithkline (GSK). Purchased 47 shares with a  Projected Annual Dividend of $120.27

Kinder Morgan (KMI). Purchased ~55 shares with a Projected Annual dividend of  $93.32

3 thoughts on “Bert’s Month of April

  1. Hey DDer’s,

    Not sure if you go into this in a later post however how do you calculate the Projected Annual Dividend of a stock? I could take a stab at the formula although thought I’d ask the question

    Cheers and nice amount of dividends there!

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