Lanny’s March and April Dividend Investing Activity

Ha – eat that Bert, I’m going to give our readers two months worth of dividend investing activity.  Therefore, step your dividend game up.  All kidding aside, these will be the fun posts to put out there for the readers and it helps keep us all on track, think of different investments and share a bond.

March: I received a total of $615.32 of dividends broken out by the following:

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This was honestly the best month I have ever received, and encompassed essentially 1/3 of my dividend income in total last year!  That’s what dividend investing is all about.  March purchases were:

  • Phillip Morris (PM) ~19 shares for a total addition of $70 to my dividend annual total

April: I received a total of $147.70 of dividends broken out by the following:

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This amount of $147.70 beats the crap out of the April 2013’s dividend amount of $52.02.  I know this was due to capital infusion into stocks that pay dividends in April, paired with dividend increases from PM, TOT and CM over the course of the year.  I’ll take close to 3x more dividend income from the prior year any day.  In a post I’ll talk about my expenses per month and what % the dividend income covers that, as that is the true goal.  April purchases to my Dividend Portfolio were:

  • Kinder Morgan (KMI) ~62 shares for a total addition of $107 to my dividend annual total
  • Realty Income (O) ~66 shares for a total addition of $144 to my dividend annual total

Making moves, as dividend income totaled $763 and dividend stock purchases added $321 to my projected annual goal, currently standing at $3,350 for the year.  Cheers to the month of March and April, excited for May and June.  Truly am blessed to be able to have the means to purchase these stocks and also to start at this age, to hopefully have this snowball impact over the next 5-10 years.  Excited for the future and the time horizon is becoming shorter.  What dividend stocks or investments are you purchasing during these high valuation times?  Any good buys?  Thanks all for stopping by.


6 thoughts on “Lanny’s March and April Dividend Investing Activity

  1. Looks like a solid month for you in terms of dividend income. Your portfolio seems to have a lot of the lower yield but higher growth dividend stocks that I like with some current high yielding stocks tossed in for good measure. Nice balance. Keep it up.

    • Thanks Divhut! Much appreciated. April was a solid month, especially in comparison. I know the tobacco and oil industry has “aided” in keeping the overall yield where it is, but I am hopeful that the high growth dividends are in there. The best part is when the dividend is increased and you expect x%, say Pepsi – I expected a 7% raise or so and they raised theirs 15.5%! Not the highest yield, but you cannot complain about those growth rates in the yield. Thanks again for stopping by, we will continue to push and analyze opps. that are out there!

      -Lanny, one of the Diplomats

      • I’m much more about dividend growth than current yield. Anytime your payments can increase by 15% in a year, it matters not of the actual current yield. One of the reasons I like AFL so much… They have been raising dividends about 16% annual for the last 10 years. Low yield yes, but insane dividend growth.

    • Ravi,

      Thanks for stopping by! Just simply am fortunate and excited about each growing month of dividend income, I am sure you can agree. I will revise the portfolio page, and include the original cost basis and show the total return %. How does that sound? If you check out the link, it’ll be updated for you! Thanks again for stopping by, more things to come!


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