Goal Accomplished: Investing $15,000 in “New” Capital

I’m excited!  I haven’t written one of these articles in a long time and it feels great to be back in the game.  My last purchase of Emerson Electric was significant for a few reasons.  There is the obvious significance that I now have a cost basis over $3,000 for an individual stock for the first time.   It is a powerhouse position in my portfolio and will be a great foundation stock in my portfolio for many years to come.  But more importantly, this last purchase helped me accomplish/defeat on of my 2015 investing goals!   Let’s see which goal I conquered and how I was able to do so in the first nine months of the year.goals Continue reading

Dividend Diplomats September Watch List

It’s about that time of the month everyone!  The stock market has been wild and rampant, with dips, swings up, going upside down, normal side right, well you get the picture.  The Dividend Diplomats have strung together a few companies we are analyzing during this month of September to see what we can create or add to within our portfolio.  Essentially volatility can be great, if it means the companies are fundamentally strong but that overreaction to external and macro events are causing the push down in prices across the board – thus opening up opportunities for us dividend investors.  Come and see what is on our dividend stock watch list!

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Bert’s Recent Buy – EMR…too

Yesterday was a very fun day for me as I quickly went from a passive trader who was standing to the sideline in a matter of minutes.  My purchase on Friday shared a lot of parallels with a situation from a month or two ago, which resulted in learning a valuable investing about always having a watch list prepared.  The best part…the result was different and I couldn’t be happier.  See why I purchased Emerson Electric (EMR) yesterday.

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Small Dividend Increases from Big Companies This Year

As I sit here with the desire to “crank out” an article before the day starts (going for an 8 minute post) – it dawned on me that this year hasn’t been the “strongest” in terms of dividend increases for large companies that we all share, hold and love.  Some are even dividend aristocrats that increase their dividend year, after year, after year.  Some are big name companies that over the last 5 to 10 years have had large or more than the average dividend growth rates, say between 5 and 15% increases, vs the 0-5% increases from some of the others.  This has been a very different year for dividend investors as we navigate the playing field and start seeing action events from companies on their annual increases, which – we can’t blame them at all, given the facts displayed out below.  Let’s see what I’m talking about so far this year, with 5 examples of companies that haven’t provided that historical or thought of dividend increase year. Continue reading

Lanny’s Recent Purchase – EMR

It’s the middle of the month and well, you know the Dividend Diplomats have a tough time sitting on the side lines during market movements!  Given that the market has been on a rollercoaster ride lately, and mostly down over the last few weeks, it was time to add more income for less and take advantage of a discounted aristocrat of a company I already owned.  I was excited to round the position out even further, and thought – I think the future me will be happy for it.  Let’s take a look at the recent add to my current position of Emerson Electric (EMR):

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August Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers

We first published this article in May and have not looked back since!  We are a community here and are all focused on the same end goal:  achieving financial freedom through dividend investing.   We all share our successes and encourage each other to push ourselves to the max so we can reach the end goal as soon as possible.  This article will contain a summary of August Dividend Income blog posts throughout the community.   The list is in no particular order and if we inadvertently omitted our income summary, please share your results in the comments section and we will do our best to include you going forward.   Let’s take a look at how this wonderful community of bloggers performed in August!

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Procter & Gamble (PG) Stock Analysis

It’s close to the middle of the month and the market has still been extremely volatile.  With that, I know that opportunities are out there, wonderful opportunities, especially dividend stocks that are aristocrats.  Yields are looking fairly unusually high for a few of the aristocrats that do not historically have them at these levels.  This makes us all extremely motivated and excited investors as our dividends are reinvested at better valuations and also opens up the table for buying potential!  With that, we will analyze one of the dividend aristocrats in Procter & Gamble or PG.

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