Bert’s June Dividend Income Summary

June is coming to a close and you know what that means….we are officially halfway through 2015!  That’s right, our year is nearly 50% completed.  Are you kidding me??  It seems like just yesterday that I was writing my 2015 goals article and trying to scheme about how I am going to knock these goals off.   This month is one of my favorite dividend months as most of my portfolio pays out in third month of the quarter, so this is always one of my favorite articles to write!  Let’s see how I performed in June and if I was able to knock of Lanny, who had one heck of a month as well racking up nearly $850 in dividend income!

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Lanny’s June Dividend Income

6 months have passed!  It’s now a quarter end as well, giving us another homerun of a month for Dividend Income.  Also, as summer just turned the page to begin, let’s see if brighter sun and warmer weather also aligned with a blockbuster of a month for dividend income!

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My Greece Strategy

There have been a lot of major news stories over the last week covering topics ranging from social to financial issues.  It seems like every day there was some new development that had major implication, which is a great fit for our 24 hour news cycles.   The one story that has a substantial impact on us dividend growth investors is the continuing saga in Greece.  Once again, we find ourselves staring a default, departure from the European Union, etc., in the face and worst of all at any second a decision could be made that could send shock waves through the financial markets.  It finally hit me, I didn’t have a plan to capitalize on a potential downturn in the market.  But that all changes now.


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Edgewell Personal Care Company (EPC): A Dividend Focused Spin-off Coming

Over the past few days, I stumbled on an interesting stock that I wanted to share with the community.  While I haven’t shared this habit of mine with the dividend investing community in a long time, I have always monitored spin-offs to try to find potential new dividend stocks that are getting ready to (or have recently) hit the market.  This strategy has worked well for me in the past, as I stumbled on the fact that  Kraft was going to be a dividend paying stock and was lucky enough to catch the company prior to their build up (which occurred long before the announced Heinz-Merger).  So why am I bringing this up?  Well, beginning July 1, a dividend focused spin-off is getting ready to hit the open market and man has it caught my attention.  I wanted to take some time to introduce you to the newly formed Edgewell Personal Care Company.


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Running on Thin Ice

Running on thin ice – you know exactly what this post is about everyone?  I know, very ambiguous and disguise-like, but it’s how I’ve been running over the last 5-6 months.  This year has had many events, opportunities and actions that has had me running on thin ice, but for some reason – it’s becoming less and less “scary”.  What do I even mean about running on thin ice, one may be asking?  One slight cue – it deals with cash. And not simply just cash but… Continue reading

Dividend Diplomats 5 Important Money Lessons

One of the foundations that we have built our website on is the importance of investing in dividend paying stocks at a young age to maximize the power of compounding dividends.   That’s why we have preached frugal living as it has allowed us to maximize the amount we are able to invest now so we can reach financial freedom sooner.   While we have been successful recently saving a large percentage of our income, it hasn’t always been this way.  Through our experiences (Bert has had a lot more of these than Lanny by the way) or by watching others, we have witnessed many financial missteps of people in your twenties.  One of the best thing about the community we are in is that we share knowledge, and we have learned a ton about life, finances, and dividend paying stocks since we started this blog a year ago.   So we wanted to share with you the top 5 lessons we have learned over the years in hopes that you can get your dividend snowball rolling as soon as possible.

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The Dividend Diplomats Recent Buy – JNJ

The Dividend Diplomats were at it again!  We both had bought the same company on Tuesday June 16th and we couldn’t be any more happier/excited with the purchase.  The best part about it, neither of us had any idea we purchased the stock.  We just sent each other a message discussing the purchase and it just so happened we set up the same automatic on Sharebuilder.  The stock was back down a handful of dollars per share and in this volatile stock market environment, the company was too good to pass up on the price point and with the “legendary” status it has.  We bought had made the purchase – an additional allocation and one a whole new stock.  We purchased Johnson and Johnson (JNJ).  Let’s see why we bought them!

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