Bert’s Stock Purchases – December 2018

Wow, has December been a crazy month in the stock market to say the least.  Lanny has taken advantage of some of the craziness and put some capital to work and so have I.  There have been some frustrating moments for me (I’ll describe those later in the article).  But overall, I was excited to grab some stocks at a discount and continue to build my forward dividend income.  Luckily, my account was still eligible for free trades and I was able to engage in a lot of small trades.  With a fresh cup of coffee in hand, I’m ready to summarize the stock purchases.  Let’s dive right in!

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Bert’s June Dividend Income Summary

June is coming to a close and you know what that means….we are officially halfway through 2015!  That’s right, our year is nearly 50% completed.  Are you kidding me??  It seems like just yesterday that I was writing my 2015 goals article and trying to scheme about how I am going to knock these goals off.   This month is one of my favorite dividend months as most of my portfolio pays out in third month of the quarter, so this is always one of my favorite articles to write!  Let’s see how I performed in June and if I was able to knock of Lanny, who had one heck of a month as well racking up nearly $850 in dividend income!

dividend income

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Bert’s Recent Purchases – PM and CVX

Lanny isn’t the only one to purchase stock recently, as I re-upped a stake in one position and initiated a new position in another.   Both transactions have occurred over the last couple of weeks and added a nice sum of dividend income to my portfolio.   This month has been crazy for me and has been one of my highest frequency trading months since I started investing a few years ago.  Let’s see which companies I added!

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Bert’s Dividend Income Summary- December

Happy New Year everyone!  2014 is officially in the books and we turn the page to a new, exciting year.  2015 will be the year of major moves, as we all continue to build on our success and grow our passive income.  You know that dividend income we all received this year, we will receive more this year just from the power of DRIP and increasing dividends (See the impact of dividend growth on your portfolio).  Since the year is over, I wanted to take one final look at the dividend income I received in 2014 and review my December 2014 totals.  I have a surprise in store for everyone, possibly a new dividend record for me! So let’s begin.

dividend income summary

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