Lanny’s February Dividend Stock Watch List

The stock market is on a screeching downhill plunge.  What does that mean?  Opportunities for us dividend stock investors.  Therefore, it is time to pour a hot cup of coffee and begin my dividend stock research.  Time to tune in for Lanny’s Dividend Stock Watch List – February Edition.

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Bert’s Recent Purchases – PM and CVX

Lanny isn’t the only one to purchase stock recently, as I re-upped a stake in one position and initiated a new position in another.   Both transactions have occurred over the last couple of weeks and added a nice sum of dividend income to my portfolio.   This month has been crazy for me and has been one of my highest frequency trading months since I started investing a few years ago.  Let’s see which companies I added!

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Expected Dividend Increases in April

One quarter is almost in the books.  Lanny and I had quite the active month and added some nice dividend income to our portfolios, as Lanny purchased CAT (twice) and HCP and swapped LO for PM last week while I added four new stocks to my portfolio and re-upped my position in one tobacco stock (I’m not spoiling the surprise completely).   As I said, a crazy month for us.  While we were active and many companies paid dividends in March, it was a relatively quiet for Dividend Aristocrats as only a few were set to announce increases last month.  Will that change in April?  Did  the companies follow through with their expected dividend increases last month?  Let’s find out!

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