Dividend Stock Watch List: Lanny’s July 2020 Edition

dividend stock watch list

Even though the stock market is volatile, you cannot predict what will happen.  On the road to financial freedom, you have to keep saving and investing funds into income producing assets.  That’s what the dividend stock watch list is all about!  Let’s buckle up and read Lanny’s Dividend Stock Watch List – July Edition. Continue reading

Notable Dividend Increases – April 2016

Dividend increases – one major reason why we are in the dividend investing community, right?  The month of April is always a fun month for the Dividend Diplomat Portfolio, as there are a few DOW companies that increase their dividend through this wonderful month.  We wanted to write an article to bring forth those notable dividend increases this month of April and to see the impact on my portfolio and then to see how you and other investors benefited.  Don’t worry – I’ll keep it to 3 stocks!  Now… let’s dive on in! Continue reading

Bert’s September Dividend Income Summary

September was a crazy month and it flew by.  It felt like every day Lanny and I were either receiving a dividend, purchasing a stock, or watching for a dividend increase announcement.  There was just a ton going on.  September was also huge for me since I was able to knock out my first 2015 goal:  Investing $15,000 in “New Capital” in 2015.  With the recent downturn, I have felt as compelled as ever to maintain a low cash balance to purchase some great discounted dividend growth stocks.   Now that the month is over, I can finally breathe and take a step back to assess my monthly dividend income and compare the total to prior periods.  Let’s see the results for September.

dividend income

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The Dividend Diplomats Recent Buy – JNJ

The Dividend Diplomats were at it again!  We both had bought the same company on Tuesday June 16th and we couldn’t be any more happier/excited with the purchase.  The best part about it, neither of us had any idea we purchased the stock.  We just sent each other a message discussing the purchase and it just so happened we set up the same automatic on Sharebuilder.  The stock was back down a handful of dollars per share and in this volatile stock market environment, the company was too good to pass up on the price point and with the “legendary” status it has.  We bought had made the purchase – an additional allocation and one a whole new stock.  We purchased Johnson and Johnson (JNJ).  Let’s see why we bought them!

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Expected Dividend Increases in April

One quarter is almost in the books.  Lanny and I had quite the active month and added some nice dividend income to our portfolios, as Lanny purchased CAT (twice) and HCP and swapped LO for PM last week while I added four new stocks to my portfolio and re-upped my position in one tobacco stock (I’m not spoiling the surprise completely).   As I said, a crazy month for us.  While we were active and many companies paid dividends in March, it was a relatively quiet for Dividend Aristocrats as only a few were set to announce increases last month.  Will that change in April?  Did  the companies follow through with their expected dividend increases last month?  Let’s find out!

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