Lanny’s August Dividend Income Summary

Okay, when does time slow down?  Never.  However, we have to do everything we can, to make sure we get the most out of each minute!  This marks 8 months of the calendar year down, with 4 months left.  The dividend income figures relating to my 2017 goals haven’t been hit yet, but I am doing what I can to reach the next ledge.  For the purpose of this post, another month down means another month of dividend income has been received and reinvested.  This August was a very solid one, at that, and I am excited to dive into the details with the community.

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My Recent Stress & Finding New Ways to Combat It

The last month or so for me has been, oh how do I say it…crazy.  And I’m not going to lie, a lot of the craziness and stress has been self-induced.  Through all of this, I’ve learned that a lot of my typical de-stressing activities were suddenly not doing the trick anymore.  It has slowly trickled through to a lot of different aspects of my life and it sucks.  At times, my typical upbeat self has felt anything but that.  With typical methods not working, I have been searching for other means to de-stress.

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Bert’s Recent Buy – Cardinal Health (CAH)

Recently, I’ve had an itch to purchase a stock and I was motivated as heck to scratch the itch.   The motivation is coming from all directions. Whether it was from seeing my cash balance increase since I have been hoarding cash while preparing to move into our house, seeing impressive growth rates in our monthly dividend investing income summary from the community, and quite frankly, watching Lanny to continue to add to his portfolio and see his dividend income soar.   We all motivate each other and push each other, and seeing all of you crush it has motivated to move some cash from my recent “hoard” to my investment account and add  a company that is on my last watch list.  I still have a long, long, way to go if I am going to catch Lanny.  But heck, I have to start somewhere, right??  All, check out why I added to my stake in Cardinal Health, Inc. (CAH) the other day.

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Lanny’s Recent Stock Purchase – Delta Airlines (DAL)

Who doesn’t love an enjoyable experience when flying?  I know I do.  However, enjoying a flight is a rarity these days, especially when top airliners are making their own “headliners” from ripping people off planes, arresting them or the customer service is of the worst quality.  Personally, when I think of the most enjoyable experience that I’ve had from terminal, to boarding, to getting off the plane, I can only think of one airline.  That airline is Delta and I happened to purchase their stock last week.

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Dividend Investing to Take Back Control

All, I’ve been very intense lately talking to friends, peers and co-workers about dividend investing.  Not purely because of this, but I come home from work in a haste, not happy and very mentally drained.  Even writing articles, which I love to do, ends up being very difficult and even connecting with loves ones results in stress.  It would be one thing if I was drained from doing something I love so much that it wears me out, but that is not the case.  I’m exhausted in a prison-like manner and that is why I am even more energized at the same time to continue my build up of forward dividend income.

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Bert’s August Dividend Stock Watch List

It has been a few months since I have purchased my last stock and man oh man am I starting to get an itch.   Times have been interesting for me recently. I am arms deep in working through project after project in our new house and have been hoarding my cash lately in the event we stumble on an unexpected “surprise.”  But I am extremely motivated to purchase some stock after seeing my cash balance increase, Lanny make some moves by purchasing Cisco, and reading through so many great dividend income summaries in our monthly dividend income summary from the blogging community.  It is getting harder and harder to resist.  So now, I thought I would put together a watch list to prepare for when the right moment strikes.


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July Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Are you all ready?  Another installment of our monthly round-up of dividend income monthly reports from many of our fellow dividend investing, FIRE pursuing bloggers.   We love reading and trying to summarize as many journeys as possible each month because it is awesome to see the progress of so many other bloggers AND the results serve as great motivation for the community.   The progress is infectious!   July was a great month, the heat of summer is still high and the dividends continued to roll in.  Now, lets dive in, and check out our June dividend income summary from YOU the bloggers!

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