Expected Dividend Increases in July 2017

After taking a month off from the series in June (unintentionally of course)…I’m back!  Each month, I like to summarize which Dividend Aristocrats are expected to increase their dividend in the coming month.  As die-hard dividend growth investors, the two of us take great joy in closely monitoring and tracking the changes in our dividend income and dividend payments of the companies we own and companies that we are watching closely.  Typically, July is a slower month than June, but there are still some great companies that are expected to reward their shareholders.

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Dividend Diplomats’ Recent Buy – Kroger Co. (KR)

The buying spree continues here on our website.  What makes this one more fun, and we haven’t done this in a long time, is that the two of us purchased the same stock within minutes of each other.  Lanny has been the most active of late and recently purchased shares in Cisco.  Bert on the other hand, has been mostly on the sidelines since him and his wife purchased their first house.  Last week though, we saw an opportunity that was too good to pass up and pounced.  See why we each purchased shares of Kroger (KO) during their recent slide.

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Buying Our First Used Car

We had an insane month of May, no questions asked.  We bought a house, we attended a couple of weddings, and traveled to Boston for a graduation.  A lot going on!  If you recall, in what feels like forever ago by now, I wrote an article about how we were also going to have to purchase a car for my wife since her lease was set to end in May.  So on top of all of it, we added buying a car to the mix!   This time, something was different, we changed our plans at the last second and decided to purchase our first ever used car.  Now, here is the “thrilling” story about one of my least favorite processes ever, buying a car.

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May Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

You all know the drill by now, right?  Every month, we try as hard as we can to aggregate dividend income summaries from as many of the other bloggers in the dividend growth investor community.  There are so many great, inspiring stories out there that motivate the two of us each and every day.    We do our best to include as many bloggers as we can; however, due to time constraints, we can’t include every blogger every month.  It isn’t anything personal.  Now, it is time to get inspired.  Let’s check out our May dividend income summary from YOU the bloggers!

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Lanny’s Recent Stock Purchase – Cisco (CSCO)

I am typing in a secure place at the moment and it could very well be thanks to Cisco (CSCO), which is the stock I purchased on Tuesday, June 13th.  I am ready to just go for it and keep buying stock fundamentally sound, dividend paying & increasing, globally recognized companies.  I am on that pursuit train to financial freedom and one doesn’t get there by sitting on the sidelines, but lacing up and getting into the game.  On Tuesday, I purchased stock into Cisco.

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Lanny’s May Dividend Income Summary

Summer is here BABY!  Memorial weekend just came to a close and man, the sun is shining fricken bright!  Cavs are in the finals and road-tripping is real.  On top of that – the Cleveland Indians are starting to roll wins and Encarnacion is using his bat finally!  Enough of sports and summer weather – dividends have fully come in for May, so let’s check out the dividend income summary!

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Lanny’s June Dividend Stock Watch List

Back in business baby!  Cavs game 5 is tonight and I’m hyped up to write my dividend stock watch list for June.  Hungry to purchase some stock and add to my forward income.  As we all know – increasing that, helps us get to financial freedom, undoubtedly.  The summer heat is coming on and it’s time to spark a fire for my dividend pumping portfolio.  Now onto the stocks!

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