Recent Buy – Citizens & Northern (CZNC)

Well…well…well….it looks like January ended the same way it started for me….with buying a stock!  At the beginning of the month I was able to add to my stake in ADM, a darling of the dividend investors community of late due to drop in stock price over the last few months.  And after the boom that occurred at the end of the month, I was happy I purchased shares in ADM when I did.   After my ADM purchase, there was a little bit of a lull period when I sat on the sidelines as the madness unfolded.  Until the end of the month, when I accidentally stumbled on a great opportunity.  You guessed it, I purchased some additional shares of one of my Roth holdings Citizens and Northern Corporation (CZNC).  See why I purchased more shares in this community bank. CZNC

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Dividend Diplomat’s 2016 Blog Goals

Now enter 2016 baby!!!  I know this post is long overdue, but we did not want to rush our 2016 annual goals and get them down on paper.  These goals will be hard for sure, but what is worth having something if you didn’t have to work hard for it?  Almost as if bananas were already peeled and you had to just pick up and eat it… maybe an orange is a better correlation there, but nonetheless, we have extreme goals for our blog.  This will mark the year where we cross our two year Dividend Diplomat anniversary and want to make the year very forward-moving.  We have quite a few new ideas for posts, twists to our current postings, as well as just the overall jokes between the two of us – this will come to you… ALL YEAR… LONG.  Yep, I know you are all excited for us two crazy CPAs trying to find the balance in our pursuit for financial freedom through dividend investing, as well as the bumps, turns, bruises and the occasional bad pasta sauce along the way.  Enough of the shenanigans… on to The Dividend Diplomat 2016 Goals!

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Interview with Ben at Sure Dividend

At the end of 2015, we began conducting interviews with others in this wonderful community.  One of the best part about it all is how willing everyone is to share their knowledge and encourage each other to become the best investor they can be and reach financial freedom as soon as possible.  Our first two interviews were Dividend Hustler and Tawcan.  Both their stories were fascinating and it was great learning about them!   So now, here comes interview number three.  Let’s all take some time and get to know Ben, the founder of!


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Which “Always Buy” Stock is Cheapest?

Breaking News!  The stock market had an insane week last week.  Every day was an exciting new chapter.  On Friday, the thrilling conclusion, the S&P 500 closed down 2.38% and this wasn’t even the lowest point of the day.  Bottom line is that there are many great stocks available at a discount right now and investors have been scooping them up left and right.  Heck, Lanny and I were both active as we both added to our stakes in ADM (See Bert’s purchase summary here and Lanny’s here).   With each subsequent red day in the market I become more motivated to add a rock-solid dividend paying company to my portfolio that I can buy and hold till I reach financial independence.   During times like these, I decided to look no further than my list of 5 “Always Buy” stocks to determine which one of these companies is trading at a price that may be too low to resist.

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Lanny’s Recent Purchase – ADM (x2)

Well, well, well.  Hold on tight.  The stock market may as well be considered big red, because that’s the only color we have been seeing as of late.  And, I made another purchase.  A very familiar one as you can see by the title.  It’s been a very confusing blood bath out there, as I like to call it.  This has made my stomach drop everyday.  Everyday, only because I wish I had $30K in cash ready to just fire away at the market.  It’s incredible the, as Jim Cramer from CNBC calls it, “accidental high yielders” that are out there.  I believe Archer Daniels (ADM) to be one of them.  Fire Away!

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Recent Buy – ADM

Well, I couldn’t stay on the sidelines too long in 2016.   I am AMPED and ready to start the year off strong after setting my goals and realizing that I have some serious work to do.   One of the stocks I already own has been trading at a discount of late and let me tell you, I just couldn’t hold off any longer.  Let’s dive right in and see which company won the honor of being my first stock purchased in 2016 (If the title hasn’t given it away already). Buying Stocks

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December Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

Another month has passed by and you know what that means…time to check out how well us and others in the community performed in December.  This is our favorite month to receive dividends since we get those massive (hopefully) capital gains distributions from our mutual funds.  So we are expecting to see many records here folks!   Let’s have a look at DEcember’s dividend income summary from YOU the bloggers!  Each name has a link to each blogger’s respective income article, so please click the link if you want to read about their month in great detail.  Continue reading