Stock Purchase – 11/28/14 – BBL

Well, my Black Friday shopping did in fact happen!  Even after I talked about ways to appreciate and be frugal this holiday season, I still went shopping Friday early morning!  However, I didn’t wait in line overnight, instead – I chose to buy stocks with a few clicks of my mouse!  There was one area of the market that took a beating yesterday – oil and minerals, and I took advantage of the steep, STEEP decline on Friday the 28th.  Let’s dive into what I bought, how many and why.

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Bert & Lanny’s Dividend Income Summary November

Another month down in the dividend income books.  Monthly I will evaluate and show the results of which companies paid dividends, progress towards the year and comparison to the past.  This is a great way to track my dividends to see if I’m on pace for financial freedom.  We are changing it up going forward to have both Bert & Lanny’s dividend income summary into one post – to save on postings/focus for the month.  This hopefully allows readers to also track and compare Lanny vs. Bert and who is dominating who in the dividend income playing field, isn’t that right BERT?!  Now onto our November dividend income results!  Time to step up to the plate

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Recent Buy – IBM

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  This is my favorite holiday of the year.  We relax, spend time with our loved ones, share stories of the last year, eat a ton of food, and watch football.  What’s not to love??  Anyways, I started Black Friday a little early this week.  To make Lanny proud, I was shopping frugally as I added a new position in a new industry  to my portfolio using a free trade from Sharebuilder!  I may have joined a bandwagon, but I purchased several shares of IBM this week! Why? Let’s find out!


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Black Friday Shopping & Thanksgiving – Frugal Style!

Grey Thursday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holy SH&T Saturday – you name it, the Thanksgiving week has many nicknames for each day for shopping.  What does all of this really lead to?  Broke Tuesday.  As we come to the holiday season, Thanksgiving, let’s remember to keep our frugal hats on as much as possible and cherish what’s really important, as well as keeper our pockets a little tighter by not falling into the “Jones'” or the social media trends that are blasting us to buy a new 70 inch LED TV, Gaming System, Phone, Laptop, Jacket, Shoes and a new car.  Is that what it’s all about?  Let’s take a look at the way to balance it, why it’s okay to find an item or two that you need and what the holiday can truly be celebrated as.

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My Journey to Lower My Monthly Car Payment – Part 1

Since I gladly accepted the Dividend Diplomats 60% Savings Challenge, I have been brainstorming ways to increase my savings rate by both increasing income and reducing expenses.  Let me tell you, it is fun brainstorming all the different ways you can accomplish this.  A simple internet search will provide you with many creative, simple ways that you have probably never considered.   After reviewing my expenses the last couple of months, there is one elephant in the room for my expenses: my car.  Over the last month I have been working on reducing this expense.  This article will walk you through my current situation and what I have learned over the last month.

Car Payment


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Share Buyback Programs are Big News for Dividend Investors

Share buybacks.  At first glance – it’s just a headline we read or a financial statement disclosure or event that a company/entity goes through.  As an investor, some of us may not even know what that means, what the transaction entails or why companies even perform such a program – buying back shares, what?  As of late, the Dividend Diplomats have discussed share buy backs in the IBM purchase, the November stock watch list, as well as DOW Chemical unleashing dividend value.  I am going to make this post a very informative and illustrative piece for all of us.  Let’s share the buyback event.


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Dividend Diplomats November Watch List

Wow! We are halfway through November already.  I can’t believe it; 2015 is quickly approaching.  Each month we have been putting a watch list together to help us and the readers find that next investment.  Sometimes the list leads to a purchase and sometimes the stock appreciates so quickly it flies off of our watch list.   So which companies are we watching over the next few weeks?  Let’s find out!

November Watch List

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