Dividend Increases Expected in July 2020

dividend increases, dividend increases in February, Dividend Aristocrats

Dividend increases are the name of the game. We invest in dividend growth stocks to earn a GROWING dividend income stream. That is why the two of our are constantly monitoring our portfolios, and potential investments, to see which companies will increase their dividend. Every month, we share some dividend news and discuss the major dividend announcements that are expected to come. Read more to see the expected dividend increases in July.

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Dividend Stock Watch List: Lanny’s July 2020 Edition

dividend stock watch list

Even though the stock market is volatile, you cannot predict what will happen.  On the road to financial freedom, you have to keep saving and investing funds into income producing assets.  That’s what the dividend stock watch list is all about!  Let’s buckle up and read Lanny’s Dividend Stock Watch List – July Edition. Continue reading

Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers – May 2020

Dividend Income bloggers

Dividend cuts have, “slowed” in a way, as stay at home orders have been lifted and businesses are making their comeback.  However, there is political tension and protests ongoing, as well as concerns over additional spikes in COVID-19 cases.  Last, but not least, unemployment numbers are expected to produce a 15% unemployment rate for June.

Guess what doesn’t change, YOU the dividend investing community and the dividend income YOU are receiving!

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Caterpillar (CAT) Dividend Stock Analysis: A Stock Under Construction

Caterpillar, CAT

  • Caterpillar (CAT) experienced a decline of 42% to net income in Q1 2020 vs. Q1 2019, primarily due to lower sales volume.
  • In addition, CAT has been able to reduce operating expenses by $2 billion, and investors may see a more efficient operation going forward.
  • CAT is labeled as a dividend aristocrat, yet, no dividend increase this past quarter and recent performance w/ the pandemic may disrupt their growth streak.

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Guest Post – 4 Smart Money Tips That Help Reduce Interest on Your Personal Loans

Loans give us a chance to do, buy, and experience things that you simply could never pony up the cash to do. They make owning a home possible. For most people, auto loans the ticket to buying a car. In some ways, loans are even an opportunity to build wealth. And in others, they’re an opportunity to spend like you could be wealthy.

There’s a catch. Borrowing money costs money – and it can cost a lot. You pay fees and interest on your loan, and if you have a higher than average loan interest rate, you could spend years paying interest before you even touch the balance.

If you want to borrow, you need these smart money tips to help you protect your finances when paying back a loan.

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