March 2020 Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

March dividend income

We are in the heart of the coronavirus (COID-19) pandemic.  This is a truly unique time, something that neither of us have seen during our investing careers.  For the first time, companies in our portfolios have announced more dividend cuts than dividend increases in a month and the worst may still not be over.  The price of oil is plummeting and the dividends for major integrated oil companies are hanging on by a thread. Continue reading

Bert’s March Dividend Stock Purchases

Last week, I released my March dividend income summary.  Typically, I’ll show my stock purchases in the summary article.  However, in March, I made a lot of low dollar stock purchases, as the market showed its twists and turns.  As a result, I decided to split the articles so I can discuss some of the purchases in greater detail.  This article will summarize my March dividend stock purchases.

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4 Strategies to Weather this Pandemic

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We are now in, officially, week 5 of the global Pandemic and our state of Ohio’s shut down.  I have recently wrote about different stocks and industries that are better investment opportunities versus others.  However, there are also many strategies to use to weather this pandemic of the coronavirus that I would encourage and explore. Continue reading

Bert’s March Dividend Income Summary

Lanny said it best in his dividend income summary. The coronavirus has dominated everything lately, as it has taken our world and shaken it upside down.  Everyone is learning to adjust to the new, short-term reality, including individuals and businesses.  For me personally, I have cherished the opportunity to spend every day with my daughter, as I have worked at home exclusively. I’ve truly grown to appreciate seeing all the little things and seeing how much she grows and learns each day. This is a feeling that has just made me hungrier, and hungrier, for financial freedom.  And while all of this madness has been going on, the dividends have continued to quietly roll in. Let’s take a look at my March dividend income summary!

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