Lanny’s July Dividend Income Summary

The hot summer month of July is officially in the books and it’s that time of the month to share the dividend income totals!  Not to keep rubbing it in – but I wonder the Cavs championship and the recent RNC in Cleveland has kept the steam in this engine running, or maybe it is cold hard capital that is keeping the train moving like the locomotive it is.  Either which way – another month is finished, another month towards the goals and another month towards financial freedom.  Without further-ado, let’s see how the month turned out – dividend income wise.

dividend income


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5 Methods for Earning Income Online While Traveling

When I reviewed my goals after Q2, it struck me how far behind I was on my goal to earn over $1,000 in “Other Income” during the year.   My goal review article talks about it at length, but what I realized is that the means in which I was trying to earn income were very time-consuming.   It takes a while to buy video games, list them, ship them to the buyers, and so on.  You get the drift.   When you travel for work like we do (although my travel is way less than Lanny’s travel load), it is difficult to cram the necessary steps for many “other” activities in the weekend.  Especially when you want to catch up on as much blogging as you can on your days off.   For me to hit my goal, I am going to have to change my approach to earning other income from a labor intensive operation that requires a home base to a mobile operation that can be performed from anywhere.  So here I am, in my hotel room, brainstorming 5 ways for earning income online.  As you  all know, we love Top 5 lists on this website!


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Why We Didn’t Create A Wedding Budget

A month or so ago, I wrote about the best day of my life…my wedding day.  I wouldn’t have changed a thing!  Towards the end of the article, I mentioned that I was going to write a few more articles down the road about a few things about our experiences during the year and a half leading up to the big day and some things we learned along the way.   There is so much that is involved in a wedding, it is insane!  So hopefully some of you will be able to learn from our experiences or conversely, share your experiences in the comment section so future readers can benefit from things you may have done differently than we did!  So here it is, the first installment of my post wedding article series.  Today, I wanted to share with you why my wife and I did not create a wedding budget while planning our wedding!


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Lanny’s Q2 2016 Goals Update

6 Months are officially in the books and we are nearing the July month end.  2016 is flying – some highs and some lows, but all are experiences to learn from, that’s for damn sure.  There has been a lot of progress, set backs and steps taken forward in order to achieve goals, have a balanced life and new experiences.  I set lofty goals back in December of 2015 for my 2016 year and the first 6 months/half year should provide a solid indication if I am on track to achieve the goals established, let’s see the big update!

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Strategy Adjustment – Taxes… (Series, Part 1)

Very strange article title, isn’t it?  To begin, I love dividend stocks to invest in.  I love the pursuit to financial freedom and to be completely independent in the decision of what to do with my time.  As with that time – happiness is what truly matters, and making a difference in others lives.  I want to do that, NOW, Tomorrow, the next day and so on.  I want to be able to spend as much time with friends and family as I see fit in my life and to help others that are in need.  In doing some “deep-thinking” on how to further expedite this, maximize my money, which buys time, I have changed a strategy of mine.  The target?  Taxes.

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June Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers!

As the tradition continues, each month we aggregate a list to show how other bloggers in the Dividend Investing community are CRUSHING IT!  We are doing the best we can in reading articles during the busy summer months – so by no means if you aren’t on here doesn’t mean that we did not read your article or will read your article, just at the time of reading we added it to the list.  Bert is over here killing it on his 2nd quarter goals, already, as well as having the best day of his life, ever.  The Cavs (YES YES YES!) won an NBA championship and you can say our city of Cleveland is still in celebration mode.  With that being said – see our June Dividend Income summary from the blogging community.

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