5 Methods for Earning Income Online While Traveling

When I reviewed my goals after Q2, it struck me how far behind I was on my goal to earn over $1,000 in “Other Income” during the year.   My goal review article talks about it at length, but what I realized is that the means in which I was trying to earn income were very time-consuming.   It takes a while to buy video games, list them, ship them to the buyers, and so on.  You get the drift.   When you travel for work like we do (although my travel is way less than Lanny’s travel load), it is difficult to cram the necessary steps for many “other” activities in the weekend.  Especially when you want to catch up on as much blogging as you can on your days off.   For me to hit my goal, I am going to have to change my approach to earning other income from a labor intensive operation that requires a home base to a mobile operation that can be performed from anywhere.  So here I am, in my hotel room, brainstorming 5 ways for earning income online.  As you  all know, we love Top 5 lists on this website!


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