Bert’s April Dividend Income Summary

May is off and running.  The market has had some very hot and very cold days.  It looks like there may be some more buying opportunities on the horizon (finally). Before I get too excited looking ahead, let’s look back at April and see how dividend income I received.  Lanny kicked this off on our website in style, absolutely CRUSHING April by posting a 40%+ growth rate.   He is always a tough act to follow.  But I will do my best.  Here is my April Dividend Income Summary!

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Lanny’s September Dividend Income Summary

The quarter end baby!  We all look and wait for a big dividend income month and September, usually never fails.  The leaves are changing colors, the temperature is dropping and I have a sweatshirt on.  Sitting here with a nice cup of joe and looking at the Dividend Income that flowed into my account.  Blessed beyond belief everyone.  Now let’s grab that cup of coffee and see my September dividend income results!

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How 20 Minutes of Price Shopping Saved Me $360 on Our New Couch

My wife and I moved into our house at the beginning of September.  Finally, nearly three months later, we were able to solve the most controversial purchase and topic of discussion….our new couch.  I cannot explain why, but we visited an insane number of furniture stores, sat on hundreds of couches, and could never find one that we both loved.  Finally, though, after these three very long months, we found “the one.”  I wanted to share the story about how a few simple tricks saved me almost $375 on our new could. The best part, it took less than a half hour to save some serious cash.

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How Peanutbutter, Bananas and Oats are a Recipe for Financial Success

In this day and age, where peer pressure, marketing and temptation are around us to spend money, there has always been my one “go to” to keep myself in financial check.  Food typically is a higher expense on a monthly budget and I have found a recipe for success that works for me, to keep that expense category down through the majority of a month.  How do I keep this significant line item in check?  One of my recipes for financial success boils down to nothing other than peanutbutter, bananas and oats!  What am I talking about?  Let’s dive into the fun details to see where I am coming from with this trifecta of awesomeness.

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The Diplomats’ June Side Hustle Report

Side Hustles, ah yes, the sides hustles.  A topic we, and so many others in the early retirement community, discuss constantly.  In our journey to retire early and spend the rest of our lives pursuing our dreams or living life ON OUR TERMS, we look to scrape together every dollar.  Why?  Every dollar, every hustle, puts us one step closer to the end of the journey.  For the first time ever, the two of us decided to hold ourselves accountable and publish our own “side hustle” report to provide some additional disclosure about the products, apps, and methods we use to earn an extra dollar or cut down our expenses.   Time to check out our June Side Hustle Report from the double D, Dividend Diplomats.

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August Dividend Income From YOU the Bloggers!

Turning the calendar from August to September usually means two things.  Football season is here and that fall has arrived.  Time to get out your pumpkin game on!  As usual, at the end of the month, we do our best to summarize as many dividend income articles from around the dividend growth investor community.  Unfortunately, we can’t get every bloggers article in here because of time, so please don’t take it personally if you weren’t included this month.  That being said…HERE WE GO.  It is time for our August Dividend Income summary from all of YOU in the blogging community.

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5 Methods for Earning Income Online While Traveling

When I reviewed my goals after Q2, it struck me how far behind I was on my goal to earn over $1,000 in “Other Income” during the year.   My goal review article talks about it at length, but what I realized is that the means in which I was trying to earn income were very time-consuming.   It takes a while to buy video games, list them, ship them to the buyers, and so on.  You get the drift.   When you travel for work like we do (although my travel is way less than Lanny’s travel load), it is difficult to cram the necessary steps for many “other” activities in the weekend.  Especially when you want to catch up on as much blogging as you can on your days off.   For me to hit my goal, I am going to have to change my approach to earning other income from a labor intensive operation that requires a home base to a mobile operation that can be performed from anywhere.  So here I am, in my hotel room, brainstorming 5 ways for earning income online.  As you  all know, we love Top 5 lists on this website!


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